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Anna Nuler

No description

Anna Nuler

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Anna Nuler

My Identity
How do you define yourself, at present?
Most importantly, I define myself as open minded. The world around me is changing, so I'd hope that my opinions change also. Elements that make up my identity are ambition, creativity, kindness, and placidity. I value equality, education, kindness, and self expression.
Where do I hope to go?
One of my biggest dreams is to become a high end fashion designer. I want to have my own company and design every garment that I sell. So far in life I have a dog walking business, a babysitting business, and a phone case business. I see all these things as a start for me.
Where do I come from?
I am from Seattle, Washington and grew up with my mom and dad. My dad, John Nuler, grew up in Seattle as well, and my mom, Kit Cudahy, grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My ancestors on my Cudahy side were from Ireland, and on my Nuler side they were from Sweden.
What do I love?
I love creating. I love designing. I love sewing. I love playing volleyball. I love skiing. I love traveling. I love baking. I love being with my friends and family.

My dad has an older sister and a younger sister, one has two daughters and one has two sons. I don't see this side of my family as much, but we all share a cabin on Hood Canal together. My grandfather built this cabin when my dad was younger and now my dad works to keep it in good condition. When I'm older it will be part of my legacy to preserve our cabin.
My Name is Anna because both of my grandmothers had Ann in their name, and Anna is a family name on my Cudahy side.
Nuler Legacy

My great, great grandfather, Patrick Cudahy, immigrated from Ireland to Wisconsin and started his own meat packing company, called Cudahy Meat Packing. After a few generations the company was sold, but there is still a town in Wisconsin called Cudahy today. My mom has 4 siblings, and 2 half siblings. They and the rest of the Cudahys manage the Patrick Cudahy fund and donate money to organizations in need every year. On this side of my family I have 12 cousins, all under the age of 18. I am close with all of them, and we all see each other every Thanksgiving. When I'm older I will take it as part of my legacy to keep our Thanksgiving reunions going.
Cudahy Legacy
Having the opportunity to see this side of my family so often is something that I am very grateful for. I feel like I have brothers and sisters even though I'm an only child, and I have aunts and uncles who love me almost as much as my parents.
Home for me is many different places. These places are in Seattle at my house, in Illinois at my Aunt Michaela's house, and at my cabin on Hood Canal. Overall, of course I am comfortable anywhere where the people I love are.
Right now I decorate and sell gem phone cases.
I love doing this because I get to make every case unique and enjoy having my own business.
I hope to accomplish graduating from college, traveling to every continent, and living somewhere other than Seattle for at least a small portion of my life. I think all these things would help me gain new perspectives on my surroundings and also give me life experience.
What questions do I want to answer? Who do I want to be?
Questions that I want the answer to are: Why do some people have anxiety and some people don't? Why do I like expensive things? Why are there different languages?
I want to be someone who everyone feels comfortable talking to, but also feels comfortable being silent with. Of course, I want to help others and I want to improve myself everyday by learning from my mistakes. I want the ability to ask for what I want and to say no when I need to.
By Anna Nuler
My friend and I at my cabin last summer.
This is me dog walking with my friend.
I made the cake on the right.
I took this from the top of the space needle.
My parents and I in Sweden last summer.
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