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Misinformation- Truth or Spoof

No description

Kaitlyn Meow

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of Misinformation- Truth or Spoof

Misinformation- Truth or Spoof
How do you know if the information is true?
Find out where the Author got the information or if it's cited.
Make sure it is facts and not an opinion.
If it's a website sponsored by a school, college, or university see if it's written by students or teachers.
Is this information up to date?
Make sure to ask yourself.....
How much information is given?
Is it a reliable source?
Who recommended this website?
How old is this information?
Does it make sense?
Misinformation- Truth or Spoof
By: Kaitlyn Routhe and Karsen Noble
Fake Websites Can:
Scam you
Give your computer a virus
Take your money
Give you wrong information

Thank You!
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