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Timeline of Communication Technology

No description

Connor Brennan

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Timeline of Communication Technology

0 AD
500 BC
Timeline of Communication Technology
Marathon (490 BC)
After the battle of Marathon against the Persian Empire, Pheidippides, a Marathonian messenger, wasted no time delivering a message to Athens, explaining that they had won the battle. He simply threw on his sandals and sprinted twenty-six miles all the way to Athens. When he made it he screamed the message to the council and died right in front of them of exhaustion. Before people had cellphones and radios, this was the only way to send messages, by foot.
Paper (105 AD)
The earliest known version of paper dates all the way back to second century China. Developed by a man known as "Cai Lun". Paper has changed the world ever since. Most messages in the next 2000 years were written on paper.
500 AD
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