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FNAF Introduction To The Animatronics

This Is the first Five Night's at Freddy's Presentation Prezi of the series. It's a short one and simple explains a bit ahout the animatronics in game design and a few other things. It's very simple.Though this is a simple warm up.Stay Tunned~!

Chaos Dracolon

on 11 October 2014

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Transcript of FNAF Introduction To The Animatronics

Five Night's At Freddy's Animatronic Info
Five Night's At Freddy's
Five Night's at Freddy's (FNAF) Is a very popular horror game that sprung up recently on YT. It became very popular fast and MarkiplierGame got over 1 million views on his first video of FNAF in under 24 hours. In game, You play as a Security guard for Freddy Fazzbear Pizzeria/ Palace and monitor the place 12 AM - 6 AM. In game time, every night is around 10 minutes long. The game becomes progressively harder as the nights go by. Only a total of 2 people have beaten the game so far.
Freddy Fazzbear in the Trailer on stage.
Freddy Fazzbear
Freddy Fazzbear is the main Animatronic in FNAF and is on stage with Bonnie and Chika. He is a male Brown bear Ani. and wears a black bow tie andtop hat. He's the main singer in the group and holds a microphone. Freddy seems yo be a favorite and or important figure for FFPP hense teh facility is named after him. He sufferse from eye lose (FNAF "Walkthrough" Reference).
Bonnie is one of the main 3 animatronics and is on stage as well with Chika and Freddy. He is a male ani. Bunny and is amlost identical to Freddy besides the feet and design. He wears a red bowtie and plays a Guitar when on stage and is a backup singer. His color sceme is Purple ordark Blue. Both are very popular with fanartist. Bonnie's eyes are also ether a Red-Pink or just Red. When Bonnie opens his mouth all the way, it is seen that his "jaw" is bigger than his actuall "mouth". Bonnie has less theeth than the other animatronics and are cylicone like in shape. They outline where Bonni's "mouth" is. Bonnie appears to be about thye height of the door counting his large ears. Bonnie and Freddy both suffer from eye loss.
Chika is a backup singer and is also on stage. She is a emale Ani.chicken and wears a bib that says "Let's Eat!!!", showing she may posssible be "in charge" of the food items during the day, nd is seen in the kitchen
a lot
in game. She has 3-4 featehrs sticking from her head and her mouth is lined with teeth, and is shown - If her beak is wide open - another set of teeth inside. This possibly shows how much she loves to eat.
Chika's color scheme is mostly yellow with her beak and legs being orange. Chika also has the black outlining around her eyes like Bonnie does to hide the animatronic exo skeleton inside.
Foxy is a Pirate Cove Ani. Fox and seems to have his own separate shows since he has his own section called Pirate Cove. Foxy's color scheme is a sertain shade of red and or orange. His teeth are much longer and sharper than the other animatronics and is 2nd place for most teeth in-mouth. Foxy's stage has a sign that says "Sorry! Out Of Order!" saying Foxy was put out of order a long time ago and since then hasn't moved or been taken care of, showing is broken state. On his chest and arm one could clearly see his ES (Endo/ Exo Skeleton) showing and his left hand is completloy exodes along with his lower feet. Foxy's jaw is also broken along with his eye lids, since in game he's the only one in all appearences that has his eye lids slightly down. But that doesn't stop him from terrifing everyone.
Golden Freddy
Golden Freddy is an easter egg the creator of FNAF put in to make sure nplayers don't cheat in game by having the doors down the enire game. He's a golden version of Freddy and appears to have no ES since he seems limp. I also don't recomend looking into his eyes. Really don't.
Okay. If you look closley you can see 2 white dots in his eyes, even though he's eeyless. We'll be talking about that in a later Prezi~.
The Living Tombstone - FIve Night's At Freddy's Song + Download
Here's a link to the awesome song about FNAF by LTS! In the beginning, you can hear Freddy's laugh and also the animatronic Screach.
Hee's a short introduction to FNAF's in game Animatronics
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