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IB Oral Presentation Brain Storming

No description

Sadie Streight

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of IB Oral Presentation Brain Storming

Edgar Allan Poe English IB Oral Presentation Use the short story of Berenice to Contrast two of Poe's characters: Berenice and Egeaus.

Include how their disease differ and how Egeaus refers to Berenice. Also include how this relates to Poe's potrayal of women. Use of paradox, imagery, and diction? Juxtaposition Possible Stories: Portrayal of Death Story: Allegories and Symbolism Possible Stories: Portrayal of Women Story: Imagery and Symbolism Possible Stories: Mental Disease Media: Prezzi Document
Music? Masque of the Red Death
The Raven
The Pit and the Pendulum Ideas: Use a story and analyze its message about death and the symbols, imagery, and word choice used to exemplify that message. Comparing the Pit and the Pendulum and the Masque of the Red Death. Focusing on the portrayal of death through the employment of narration/point of view and an examination of symbolism. Media Sketches The Masque of the Red Death Ideas: Use the short story to analyze the effectiveness of Poe's use of Allegory and Symbolism as well as how they relate to the theme of the story The Raven
Annabel lee
The House of Usher (this is a strange one) Ideas: Use two stories and contrast Poe's portrayal of the women in the stories. How does this relate to his life/ideas? The Pit and the Pendulum Ideas: Use story to analyze Edgar Alan Poe's ability to reinforce an idea and theme through visual imagery, symbolism and SOUND DEVICES. The Tell Tale Heart
The House of Usher
Berenice Ideas: Use one or two stories to analyze(and contrast?) the use of a diseased writer. What is the effectiveness of making them UNRELATABLE and unreliable? Narration Notes The Pit and the Pendulum: Uses an "everyman" character. Narrator has no knowledge of death or its effects. There is a sense of fear of the unknown which contributes to the pace and tone of the story. Contributes greatly to the surprise of the sudden hope given to the narrator when he is close to death. Narrator is reliable in that he thinks logically and is very rellatable. Has the same thoughts and fears as the reader. However, he humanity makes the likelihood of his misjudgment more prevalent. The Masque of the Red Death: Uses an omniscient narrator who seems to be well aquainted with the actions and nature of death. However, not all of this knowledge is given to the reader. The events of the story do not surprise or impact the narrator which leads one to believe that the narrator is not a human being but a supernatural being. Symbolism Time of Death The Pit and the Pendulum: Represented by a swinging sharp pendulum which is slowly descending on the narrator. Symbolizes man's view of the unavoidable cruel nature of death and the idea that everyone will die, it is just a matter of when. It is significant, however, that the narrator manages to escape from the pendulum, throwing doubt on the original conclusion that death cannot be escaped. This sharply contrasts the view taken by the Masque of the Red Death. The evident peace that somehow overtakes the narrator even at the hands of death is significant as well. It implies that death is not always seen as a horror to individuals, sometimes it is seen as an escape from agony. The hope that motivates that narrator to escape from the bonds which tie him to his doom conveys the message that hope sometimes powerful enough to save an individual from death and that it is necessary to perseverance. Tone The Pit and the Pendulum: The tone towards death is originally one of fear and dread. (Insert quote) This morphs a longing for a quick and simple death once the narrator discovers that he has been saved for a more torturous end. This longing is paired, however, with the human fear of the unknown and the continuing true desire to survive. Under the most dire, circumstances when the character believes death is imminent, a sudden surge of hope bursts forth and he finds the strength to save himself from the swinging pendulum of death. It is implied through the narrators plight that even in dark circumstances, hope can emerge and that hope is essential to perseverance. Without hope, death is certain (whether a physical or spiritual death) Time
The Masque of the Red Death: Time is represented by a physical clock. This clock is made of ebony (a black wood) and steadily tolls the hours as the revelers dance. This clock symbolizes the time till death arrives, each time it sounds, the people are one hour closer to their demise. Death is unavoidable, just as time is unstoppable. The clock emphasizes the mysterious nature of death and its effects through the reaction of the people to the tolling of the clock. Each time it sounds, they halt their revelry and pause to hear the strange musical sound of the clock, it confuses and frightens them for reasons that they do not understand.
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