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Different Versions Hansel and Gretel

No description

Natalie Ralston

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Different Versions Hansel and Gretel

Original Story
Setting- (home) outskirts of a large forest; (woods) forest; cottage made of food
Different Versions of Hansel and Gretel
The Babes in the Woods
Setting- both children put in a pen to be fattened up
Different Version #2
Finette Cendron (A French Tale)
Finette Cendron
(A French Tale)
Setting- France, kingdoms, grotto, ogre/ogress hut
Different Version #3
Johnnie and Grizzle
Johnnie and Grizzle
Setting- farm, well
Different Version #1
The Babes in the Woods
By Natalie Ralston
Characters & Descriptions- Hansel: clever, calm, determined, leader; Gretel: clever, nervous, quiet; Father: loving, caring, uncertain; Wife: sneaky, stubborn, bossy, consistent; Witch: sneaky, consistent, gullible, impatient
Plot- Woodcutter barely made enough money to be able to feed his family. Wife suggests leading children out into the woods to starve to death. Hansel leads the two back home with the pebbles. The second time around, he dropped breadcrumbs, but the birds ate them. They wandered until they came to a house made of food. The witch who lived there "took them in" and prepared Hansel for a meal. Gretel trapped the witch in the oven and the two escaped and found their way home, taking some pearls for their family's fortune.
Plot- Wife didn't like children; both children were fattened to be eaten; wife died; father came looking for children.
Characters- Wife: conniving, demanding, fussy
Plot- had more of a Cinderella plot to it, but was mixed in with a Hansel and Gretel plot
Characters- Ogre and ogress instead of witch; prince, king and queen; fairy godmother; two evil stepsisters (in place of Gretel); Finette (in place of Hansel)
Plot- Johnnie (Hansel) accidentally drops stick; witch somehow got out of the oven and tried to drink the stream so it would run dry, but burst from the water intake; Father earned a lot of money and was searching for children
Characters- Father: determined, stubborn; Wife: loving, caring; (Father and Wife completely switched roles compared to the original)
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