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Labor of Hercules 9- Belt of Hippolyte

No description

Carson Palmer

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Labor of Hercules 9- Belt of Hippolyte

The Belt of Hippolyte The Ninth Labor of Hercules. The ninth Labor of Hercules was to obtain the belt of the Amazonian queen Hippolyte. The Amazons were a tribe of warrior women, who myth says lived nearly completely without men, the only men in their cities were either slaves or used to make babies, then killed or became slave again. If the newborn was male, he would most likely suffer the same fate as his father, and if it was female, she would be trained to become an amazonian warrior. The Girdle was a gift from Mars, god of war, to Hippolyte, the queen and greatest warrior of the Amazons. King Eurystheus wanted the girdle as a gift for one of his daughters, since it seen was a sign of power. Knowing of the Amazons great skill in battle, Hercules gathered a group of heroes to accompany him to the land of the amazons, including the hero Theseus. The group of heroes were relieved, and surprised, when the Amazons welcomed them, and even granted audience with the queen. If that was how the labor continued, it would have ended simply. It didn't, though. The labor would have gone great, if not for Juno. Juno, filled with hatred of Hercules, decided to cause trouble for him. Disguised as an old Amazonian woman, she spread a rumor within the Amazons, making them beleive that Hercules was their to take away their queen. The amazons attacked Hercules and his group,
and their were many casualties on the side of the Amazons, including Hippolyte,who Hercules thought betrayed them. Having defeated the rest of the Amazons, Hercules and his follow heroes returned to King Eurystheus, though not before stopping to save a princess at Troy, an act that involved the slaying of a sea-serpent, though that was simply something he did in addition to his labor. Having successfully completed Labor number nine, Hercules returned to king Eurystheus to receive his tenth one, the Cattle of Greyon, but that is another story.
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