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Tech Tips for Teachers

Tips for teachers to use in and out of the classroom

Ana María Gach

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Tech Tips for Teachers

Software available
from PISD Evernote Google Earth Social Media for PD 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Edcanvas Great tool to use for substitute plans, teaching/reinforcing new concepts, or explaining projects
You can create classes so your students can also use Edcanvas
Completely free, all you need is an e-mail account to utilize
http://www.edcanvas.com/lessons/UTeKZXVo8T_leQ/edit Google Docs for Assessments Twitter Utilize Twitter to follow fellow educators and to get great ideas/resources for your content area
Participate in "chats" through the use of hashtags on certain nights for a different form of PD
Types of hashtags: #engchat, #mathchat, #artsed, #scichat, #sschat
Students are also utilizing Twitter much more than Facebook; a great resource to communicate with them Questions/Comments Tech Tips for Teachers Flubaroo with Google Docs Kelly Lane Middle School Google Docs is a free resource that is great to use for gathering information and giving assessments.
By using the "Form" option, you can assess what students are learning/retaining and have it saved in a speadsheet
You need a Gmail account in order to use Google Docs
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wlDNkuPo4J1hX6Kw5yIgJ7Zzs2b5N_RxCDG2YrvECjc/viewform Flubaroo is a great tool to use with Google Forms that helps you quickly grade multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments
Flubaroo also:
Computes average assignment score.
Computes average score per question, and flags low-scoring questions.
Shows you a grade distribution graph.
Gives you the option to email each student their grade, and an answer key Edmodo How is it working for you?
Another resource for communicating with students and other educators
Join Edmodo groups to get great resources from teacher all around the world. Skype in the classroom You can use your iPad, laptop, webcam, or document camera to Skype with classrooms all over the world
Download Skype from Install Software on your desktop Organize by subject and add different notebooks for different classes
Organize by project with all notes pertaining to a single project in a single notebook
Easily share class notes, PowerPoints etc. by sharing a note with students or parents
Store handouts, study guides in Evernote and share for constant access
Record lectures or interviews easily and review them in other devices
Collect web clips with annotations and share notes with other users Teachers can use Google Earth to:
Set the scene for geography, history, literature, astronomy and other lessons.
Students can use Google Earth to:
study natural and political maps
learn map reading and navigation
visually explore historical, news, and census data
annotate locations and share with others
create their own 3D models to overlay on maps
download geographically-referenced information created by others
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