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Under Armour

No description

tim felice

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Under Armour

The Conscious Consumer Under Armour They do reveal where their clothes are made. Their products were primarily manufactured in Asia, Central and South America and Mexico. Under Armour seeks to work with third party suppliers that treat their employees with respect and provide appropriate working conditions for their employees. Under Armour also strives to work with third-party suppliers that meet their obligations to their employees and respect the principles summarized in the Under Armour Supplier Code of Conduct. Under Armour's Supplier Code of Conduct says that they will not get any supplies from a company that has child labor, long hours, and is payed right and obey the laws. We Have Researched and we did not find any programs workers are giving that work for Under Armour, but we did fin that Under Armour is one of the best places to work. Some Positive about the company it that, they do not buy supply's from company that use child labor and sweat shops. Under Amour likes to keep the clothes nice and not forced work. The suppliers must obey the laws of the government, good working conditions, and pay good not lower then minimum wage. They do have programs to collect old clothes they made. They get recycled the clothes and use the recycled clothes in the Under Armour Green Challenge. Some negatives is that they don't have more ECO friendly programs. but the rest in nothing bad Under Amour has really good working conditions. They do have a corporate social responsibility code or code of conduct. They have a code of ethics and business conduct. Yes Under Armour has a program for their waste products its called, Under Armour Green it's their challenge to make Under Armour® performance products with a lighter environmental impact. So the waste goes to make other product that they make. (They recycle the waste) No Sweat Apparel, the 1st name in sweatshop free US union-made apparel now has the best prices for wholesale US union made T-shirts, sweats and caps of any distributor in the US & Canada. No Sweat Apparel Free The Children Free The Children is an international charity and educational partner that fosters academic achievement at the local level and implements holistic development programs internationally. Labour Behind the Label Labour Behind the Label is a campaign that supports garment workers' efforts worldwide to improve their working conditions, through awareness raising, information provision and encouraging international solidarity between workers and consumers. Athletic wear code of conduct Any one creates any athletic wear will have to obey this code. The work area and place where you get the materials from must not have child labor, must have good working condition, and have decadent pay. No waste shall pollute public waters. And waste the can be recycled should be recycled. Not obeying this code will result in a company ban of selling their items. and stop productions until the code is met. by, Tim, James, and Sabrina
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