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Slam Poetry "Cody" NOva Venerable

No description

jada taylor

on 30 June 2014

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Transcript of Slam Poetry "Cody" NOva Venerable

I think that this poem is going to be about somebody who is very close to the poet. Something had to stand out about them to why the poet would write a poem about that person.
This poem is about a girl who's brother is very sick and she cant understand why God put him in the condition that he is in. Its a story about love, Unconditional love, and how its supposed to feel and sound.
This poem has so much meaning. She wonders how her brother is going to be when she goes off to college. In the poem the poets uses similes.
The poets Attitude and tone to the poem is a sense of anger, frustration, and sad. Its is also stressful.
Slam Poetry
The poem is called Cody because of her brother and its about her brother.
She is a 17 yr old poet. The only family that she has is her brother cody and her mother. Her
I can connect to this poem because my little sister is very sick and i hate seeing her like that. Surgery after surgery after surgery. Infusions and doctors appointments. I chose this poem because it has so much meaning and it heartbreaking to me too. I sometimes wonder why my little sister goes through the things that she goes through.
Slam Poetry "Cody" Nova Venerable
Jada Taylor
It was starte by Marc Smith at the get me high lounge in chicago november 1984. The first poetry slam was in New york at the nuyorican poets cafe.
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