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HANDS Presentation HBL

No description

laljaan baloch

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of HANDS Presentation HBL

HANDS strength is 18 volunteer Executive Committee Members.

over 1700 full time staff.

Thousands of community based volunteers from over 5000 community based organization
HANDS has a network of 31 offices across the country and has access to more than 16 million population of nearly 20,274 villages / settlements in 35 districts.
HANDS has evolved as one of the largest Non Profit Organization of the country in 34 years.
HANDS was founded in 1979
HANDS has qualified the Institutional Management Certification Program (IMCP) of USAID for management
HANDS have central contractor registration with US Government (DUNS No.)
HANDS mission is for improving health, promoting education, alleviating poverty and developing social institution for community empowerment.
HANDS is accredited with European Union.
HANDS Core Programs
Healthy, Educated, Prosperous
and Equitable Society
HANDS International recently established its office in London, United Kingdom. HANDS International - UK is registered as non government organization in companies act 2006 of England and Wales.

Upcoming Advocacy Campaign

Commencing from Dec 2014 with the
new concept.

Your generous support is required




since 1993
Accounts in
HBL Tariq Road Branch- main account
HBL Islamic Banking Branch Shaeed Millate Road

Deposit Base (Rs.)
June 30, 2013: 458 million
Sept 30, 2014: 551 million
Best Practice Training Models:
Gender sensitization training for professionals
Gender sensitization session (short)
Women mobilization and leadership training

Best Practice Training Models:
Leadership for young generation
Professional leadership development
Proposal writing/resource mobilization
Organization development certification course
Financial Management
Sales tax
Stress management
Facilitation Skills
Legal aspect of human resource management
Withholding Tax
Project Management
Trainers on community capacity building package
Interactive Theater
Best Practice Service Models:
ender Policy/Code of conduct
HANDS sexual Harassment Policy
Gender Advocacy Campaign
Development of Behavior Change Communication (BCC) strategy on gender
Facilitating economic rehabilitation of Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivor
Best Practice Service Models:

HANDS Web Based training management software

HANDS Institute of Community Development (HICD)
HANDS Cross Cutting Programs
Major Achievements (2010-2013)
Sensitization training participants 180
GBV Survival training participants in Skill Development 132
GBV Survival participants in Enterprise Development 54
Major Achievements (2010-2013)
HANDS staff trained in External Trainings 277
HANDS Staff trained in Internal Trainings

HBL's support to HANDS fund raising campaign
Rs. 5 million in 2013
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