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career analysis project

No description

dylan perkins

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of career analysis project

Polk County Fire chief A Polk County Fire Chief has many responsabilities,
one is to make sure that all of the firefighters are
doing there job correctly, not let anything go wrong,
the chief needs make sure he, and his crew is ready
for any emergency at any time, something else the
chief has to do is make sure that his crew is constantly
training and doing there job and getting better times
at getting ready to go to a call. The education to become a Polk County Fire Chief. By the year 2009, individuals must have a bachelor's degree in a relevant fire science or management development program.
By 2012, they must have a master's degree.
Individuals are encouraged to attend the National Fire Academy. Candidates are encouraged to complete all relevant courses offered by the Wichita State University's Center for Management Development. Individuals should have successfully completed or be envolved in the National Safety Officer Certification program. Some ethical issues this career faces
are, they are helping people when
they are in need of seriouse help,
making sure the people are safe and
many more. He median anual salary for a Polk County
Fire Chief is about $71,500. the salary range
is $50,900 - $91,141. this career would be in there highest demand
when there are alot of hurricanes, alot of people
getting in recks, or places that are having very bad
storms or bad weather for a long period of time
becasue the fire stations in those areas will have to
go to alot mroe calls which means the stations would
be getting paid more. just some of the technology that is used
for this job is, a ham radio, computer for
putting in calls that where ran for the day,
and exel, microsoft word, ect.
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