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Poetic Analysis for VWO 5

Reading an analyzing poetry (VWO 5) de Ring van Putten

David Marler

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Poetic Analysis for VWO 5

Poetic analysis
What are poems?
in modern poetry you can write whatever you want. This is called "freestyle poetry"
in renaissance poetry things were quite different...
Poetry as a puzzle
poetry had to say something
using a specific set of rules.
can you name some of these rules?
free verse
Poem type
metre, rhyme scheme...
the beat which the poem follows.
"iambic" is the most common /_
heart beat.
the cat is bl
and so am
I love him t
and we both fl
The sonnet
Italian for "little song"
three quatrains and a "heroic couplet" (aka the last two lines).
The same rhyme scheme (figure out what it is...)
English Sonnet
Italian Sonnet

Valenz Senher, rei dels Aragones
a qi prez es honors tut iorn enansa,
remembre vus, Senher, del Rei franzes
qe vus venc a vezer e laiset Fransa
Ab dos sos fillz es ab aqel d'Artes;
hanc no fes colp d'espaza ni de lansa
e mainz baros menet de lur paes:
jorn de lur vida said n'auran menbransa.
Nostre Senhier faccia a vus compagna
per qe en ren no vus qal[la] duptar;
tals quida hom qe perda qe gazaingna.
Seigner es de la terra e de la mar,
per qe lo Rei Engles e sel d'Espangna
ne varran mais, si.ls vorres aiudar.
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Dylan Thomas (1914-1953)

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night,

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night,

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
figure out the rhyme scheme
Are these quatrains?
What does it have in
common with a sonnet?
why is it important to know this?
a group of kids in 6th grade (groep 8)
are going to sing in their school play.
Their teacher is cool and chooses
a great song. The parents bob their
heads and look on with no surprise...
what's the problem here?
any other examples?
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