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Totally rad project about myself

Unanimously voted "Best Prezi of 2011" by myself.

Jerad McMickle

on 2 February 2011

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Transcript of Totally rad project about myself

My name is
Jerad I am fourteen years old.
My name is
Jerad I am fourteen years old. That means that
I am as old as
this girl that I
found on Google. I don't know who she is though. GOOGLE FOR LIFE Hair Color: Brown
Texture: Baby's butt

Sways easily in the
wind. Often compared
to Justin Bieber's
sexy, untamed mane. I don't blame them.
Our hair does look
alike. SEXY Clothes I follow an incredibly strict regimen that determines
what I will be wearing for that day. A flowchart that
describes the process
that I use to decide
what to wear: Is it hot outside? Yes No Are you sure? Yes No T-shirt Is it cold outside? Yes No Jacket "The only clothes worth wearing
are those that keep you comfortable
throughout the day." - Jerad McMickle My motto: Even heart throb teen sensation
Justin Bieber wears clothes.

And he wears them good. I Google searched "person wearing clothes"
and this is the first thing that came up. You
get what you ask for. Personality I enjoy talking, even though most of the time
when I do talk I will end up garbling up
random information. You could compare me to the love child of
a slot machine and an encyclopedia. I enjoy repetitiveness because I feel that
only a genius could actually pull off
repetitiveness. You will notice that
this picture is in every
single bubble frame
that I have.

COOL RIGHT I also think it's cool for somebody to relate one thing
to multiple different subjects. I talk to myself.
A lot. I knew Justin Bieber's
head would fit in this O,
so BAM. I love food. More on that later though. I don't know what else
I can put here to fill
up this large circle so
I'll make a stick figure. It's me. I look fantastic. Things that I like: Favorite band: Wolf Parade Favorite food: chicken Often times I laugh at the fact
that people could find what I
say funny rather than personally
finding it funny. If you don't get it: if I make a "your mom" joke, I would make it because I find it funny that people would actually make "your mom" jokes, and not because I actually think that they're funny. Favorite subject: Algebra Favorite greeting: "Sup."
It's a combination of the ending
of "what's" and the word "up". What I think I'm the best at:
Writing, even though I don't
particularly enjoy it if I'm
forced to write about a
specific topic.
Writing utensil of choice: mechanical pencil* * usually Justin Bieber likes
things too.
We have so much in common. I like a lot of
posts on Facebook. It makes a face. He has a moustache
because moustaches
are AWESOME. Things that I don't like: Favorite color: cobalt Favorite thing to say when
I don't know something:
"idk my bff jill" Spicy food Too spicy for my taste buds My family Main
Family Mother: Lynne Sister: Jayla Father: Jeff Aunts: Danielle and Lenore Uncles: Kent and Floyd Cousins: Taylor, Madison, and Riley Dad's
side Grandpa: Pat
Grandma: Shiela Mom's
Side They say I'm not related to Justin Bieber,
but I wish I was.
We are relatives of the hair. THE END TWILIGHT VS VS BEST BOOK SERIES? Hint: The Justin Bieber biography wins. PEOPLE They annoy me
all the time. WAKING UP EARLY School should start at 11 AM.
MOUSE This is not "Hey Arnold!", he
should not have a football head. There are more but
I forgot their names.
I'm sorry.
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