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High School Digging Deep Remixing Research

No description

jordan brown

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of High School Digging Deep Remixing Research

Digging Deep
Digging Deep
To dig deeper into the music we will:
Remixing Research

Presented by
Jordan Brown
Objectives of Workshop
Show the connection that sampling has with creativity, culture, and, research.
Breaking it down
Why Sampling?
Connects to different cultures
Encourages creativity
Promotes research and applies the knowledge
Sampling is Research
Archived Information (music, video, image)
Current Technology (computer, beat machine, smartphone)
Creating Ideas from the known (culture, community, politics)
Describe the method on how the producer created the beat. Which elements of the song were used or not? How does the sample relate to the whole song?
Choose a song from samplestitch.com
Research the song on whosampled.com
Write down the audio used to create the new song. Include
, and
how it was used
Using sticky notes,
down 2-3 sentences or words reflecting the main takeaways from the workshop.
When finished,
notes on one side of the board.
Each person takes 3 different sticky notes that relates to your experience and
a new statement on the other side.
Explore to tools to enhance research.
Create and share the connections found through sampling.
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