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The revolution: Second Phase

No description

Kimberly Gimang

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The revolution: Second Phase

THE REVOLUTION:SECOND PHASE The Relief on Primo de Rivera Aguinaldo in Singapore Conservative Party of Spain was succeeded by one to which the governor-general did not belong

April 9,1898 - General Basilio Augustin arrived in Manila (Primo de Rivera's succesor) Spanish-American relations were turning for the worse
The Cuban revolution has drawn the Us to the side of the rebels, for Americans economic interest in the island were paramount
Theodore Roosevelt Sr. wished that war between US and Spain should break out in order to expand the navy
Roosevelt appointed Commodore George Dewey to carry out the plan and instructed him to take offensive action against the Spanish flotilla based in Manila in case of a war with Spain.
Deweys base of Operation was in Hongkong Americans Designs on the Philippines January 1898 - Spain’s ambassador to the United States, Dupuy De Lome, wrote a friend in Havana, Cuba, stating that President William Mckinley was a weakling and a low politician.

February 15, 1898 - American warship Maine was blown up at Havana Harbor, resulting in the death of 246 men. The Spanish-American War Dewey sailed from Hongkong for the Philippines withe seven heavily armed ships
May 1, 1898 -the fleet entered Manila Bay almost undetected by the Spaniards
Dewey sailed straight to Manila Bay shore in the hope that he would find Admiral Patricio Montojo's fleet there and give battle immediately but they were in Sargely Point.
The naval battle was one sides; infacts it was a massacre
12:30 the destruction of montojo's fleet was complete
The Spaniards hoisted a white cloth in Cavite as a sign of surrender The Battle of Manila Bay April 25 - Dewey received a cable from the Secretary of the Navy long saying that war has commenced between the United States and Spain

April 21, 1898 - declaring a state of war with Spain

April 25 -the formal declaration of war. To escape from a trial in Hongkong, Aguinaldo and his 2 companions secretly left for Saigon where he took another ship for singapore.

Howard Bray- Englishman of long residence in the Philippines, contacted Aguinaldo andtold him that the American consul, E. SpencePratt, wanted to have an interview with him Aguinaldo expressed his eagerness to returnto the Philippines to lead once more theFilipinos in the fight against the Spaniards
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