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Native Emerging Leaders Forum: Anchorage Session 04.08.10

No description

Helena Jacobs

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Native Emerging Leaders Forum: Anchorage Session 04.08.10

Anchorage Session
04.08.10 What one (1) word captures your vision for this forum? -Experience
-Balance -Learning
-Energy OPEN SPACE: How do we balance, or how do we deal with, Outside and/or non-Native interests who want to develop our land against the need to provide for our families and our people? What tools can we use to preserve our languages? How do we get to that place where everyone is speaking their language fluently? Shareholders vs. Non-Shareholders--How do we grow/step outside of the boundaries of our regions & cultural groups to support each other? 62% of children in foster care are Alaska Native. What can we do to solve this huge disproportion? How can we form connections with youth that are meaningful and empowering? What can I do to help you achieve your goals and seek your passion? How can I tell you it is okay to talk about suicide? How do we maintain our traditional/village values when we live in an urban setting? What’s the best-case scenario for Native education? LUNCH WITH THE FAI TRUSTEES: WORLD CAFé: How do we reclaim the best of who we are? How do we empower future generations? -Unconditional
-Invest -Connection
-Roots Lorena Skonberg, Alutiiq
Amber Thomas, Inupiaq
Darlene Thiele, Inupiaq
Allison Warden, Inupiaq
Carl Wassilie, Yup'ik
Anglea Cox, Inupiaq
Margaret & Laka David, Koyukon Athabascan
Barbara Franks, Tlingit
Makenzie Frye, Yup’ik
Angela Gonzalez, Koyukon Athabascan Shauna Hegna, Alutiiq
Chelsea Helgason, Alutiiq
Helena Hoffman, Koyukon Athabascan
Doris Hugo-Shavings, Inupiaq Torin Jacobs, Yup'ik/Inupiaq
Kirsten Kinegak-Friday, Yup'ik
LaToya Lukin, Alutiiq
Jennifer McCarty, Inupiaq Katrina Nelson, Alutiiq
David Nicolai, Yup'ik
Jorie Paoli, Inupiaq
Mary Sage, Inupiaq PARTICIPANTS: -Vision
-Grounded -Future
-Hope -Encourage
-Courage -Inspiration
-Advocate "I am inspired to go home and be what I am." FAI trustee Sylvia Lange, Torin Jacobs
(Doris Hugo-Shavings and Rick Mueller in back) Allison Warden, FAI trustee Oliver Leavitt David Nicolai, FAI trustee Willie Hensley, Shauna Hegna, Jennifer McCarty FAI trustee Sven Haakanson, Carl Wassilie
(Doris Hugo-Shavings, Rick Mueller, Torin Jacobs in back) Janie Leask, Chelsea Helgason, Noelle Kompkoff, FAI trustee Byron Mallott, Kristel Komakhuk, Lorena Skonberg FAI trustee Georgianna Lincoln, Doris Hugo-Shavings, Rick Mueller Closing Circle "I really enjoyed our history makers and young leaders for a collective voice." “This is why I’m hot, this is why I’m hot… I’m hot cause I’m Nate, you ain’t cause you not!” "Started the day with the word advocate—we are all here to do this!" "Let’s focus on the positive... promote the positive about us as a people." "BYOM!" FAI trustee Georgianna Lincoln, Jennifer McCarty, Mary Sage, Amber Jenkins, FAI trustee Oliver Leavitt, Doris Hugo-Shavings, Liz Medicine Crow, FAI trustee Sylvia Lange Mary Sage, Amber Jenkins, FAI trustee Oliver Leavitt, Doris Hugo-Shavings, Liz Medicine Crow, FAI trustee Sylvia Lange, Kristel Komakhuk, Barbara Franks, Shauna Hegna, Noelle Kompkoff, FAI trustee Byron Mallott, Kirsten Kinegak-Friday, Makenzie Frye Shauna Hegna, Angela Cox Darlene Thiele, Torin Jacobs, Chelsea Helgason, Lena Hoffman, Amber Thomas, Margaret & Laka David, Jorie Paoli, Kirsten Kinegak-Friday, Doris Hugo-Shavings -Take time to get ourselves well -Have support networks -Laugh -Celebrate our history and give it to our kids -Retell stories of resilience -Stop talking about ourselves in deficits, celebrate ourselves, what we have and look at the positive in situations -Make digital stories -Encourage positive media -We must highlight the wonderful things that make us unique... Make a list entitled "What I love about being Native!" -Parents: empower your children! -Create opportunity for future generations to feel empowered -Instill pride, show recognition of achievements -Story telling -Keeping tradition -Teach them that they control their future -Helping them excel in areas in which they have talent and feel good about themselves -Promoting self-sufficiency -Acknowledging how our choices and lifestyle affect our descendents 10,000 years from now we make this room look good! what is our responsibility to our land & each other? We need to take the initiative to learn and educate ourselves about technology and science We need to assert control over our partners and joint ventures... the people need to insist on Native corporations making these parts of the deal when working with Outsiders Focus on their style and create space they’re comfortable in, or go where they are (fishing, hunting, qasgiq, basketball court) Contact employers to ask for them to sponsor more men to attend these events, so they don’t have to take a personal day Encourage men to organize and run a gathering designed for men. It’s ok to still view our success as success—don’t need outside definitions We are success Need to be open, flexible, grassroots small group podcast recordings, Facebook word of the day, Rosetta Stone, radio The divide is what you make it - it only exists if you let it We need to do succession planning with shares… give rights and responsibilities of shares Time for courageous activity in regards to our tribal sovereignty Our people are like water, we find ways Huge need for prevention (parenting classes) Outreach to recruit more Native foster parents (i.e AFN kiosk) Work with what exists, partner for mentorship "Seasonal change" or "spring" or "bloom" in our Native languages.
Choose a name that better describes what it is we do, rather than who we are. Choose a name that more broadly describes who we are. Create spectrum of commitment levels to allow for people to get involved when and where they can
Inspire youth by creativity and subtlety, and take advantage of technology Culturally based
More Native teachers, counselors, principals If we did things, we wouldn’t have to talk about how to preserve them Just do it!

Find those who have similar cultural values -Keep talking about what the best is. We have to identify it to get a hold of it. -Reclaim suggests we have completely lost ourselves. We have not. -Best is yet to come -Listen to them and include them
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