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The Night Circus

No description

Sofia Baldassarra

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of The Night Circus

The Night Circus
Welcome to Cirque Des Reves!

Character Introduction
Celia Bowen

- Celia and Marco
"She's perfect," Chandresh remarks... "Yes, sir, says Marco behind him..." pg. 99
- The ring, will it connect them somehow?

- Shows how it can not be wasted, its a precise thing
- The clock, will it bring out a future?

Critical Thinking Question
We notice that there is a change of narrative perspective quite often. Why do you think the author chose to tell the story from varied perspectives? Is this effective?
Notes from Desola Seminar 1
- Research the tempest (connection to pospero)
- Colors (either black or white, grey in between)
- Manipulation of time (you can loose a watch, you can break watch)

Notes For Rachel Seminar 1
- Character introduction to Hector
- Result of being consumed by his own magic?
- Symbols- the Marseilles deck
- What purpose does magic fulfill within humans?

Who will be the most compelled to the circus?
- Follow in her fathers footsteps
- Gives us clues already
Seminar 2
Tuesday April 30th 2014
Seminar 1 of The Night Circus

Thursday, April 17th 2014
Will being a real magician or taught magician effect the competition? Does Celia have an advantage?
Marco and Celia
- Celia's opponent
Desola Notes Seminar 2
- Characters
- Hector/ Propero
- not dead, has become a shadow/ghost
- symbolizes that there is always someone there

- we see more of his character
conflict: Harvard vs. The Farm
Themes: Apperqance vs. Reality
black and white
- the color of the tents
- the reveurs wear red

Rachel Notes Seminar 2
- Apperance vs. Reality

- Statue Performers
- represents the battle bewtween celia and maco
- the ring
- represents there bond to the circus and to eachother
question: are drams only achieveabl by abandoning all responsibility to traditional values
- yes, because they are far fetched fantasies
- limited by the grounding of tradition
- Father is Prosero the Enchanter (Hector Bowen)
- Hector teaches Celia how to heal herself
- She will participate in some sort of "game"
- In this exercise, Hector splits Celia’s fingertips, and she must mend them
Possible Themes
"Properso the Enchanter uses a pocket knife to slit his daughters fingertips open, watching wordlessly as she cries until calm enough to heal them..." pg. 34
- Real magicians will have more power and experience
- Celia has an advantage
- Taught and trianed at a young age
"And you will keep my identity from Mrs.Bowen?" pg.190
"She suddenly feels rather stupid for not once considering the possibility that this could be her opponent"pg. 208
- Celia see's Marco, wonders why he is in Praque
- Marco claims she has his umbrella
Cavalier d'Epees
"It is meant to represent your reading" pg.216
- Bailey and the fortune teller
- Find out its Isobel
"You are part of a chain of events, though you may not see how your actions will affect the outcome of the time" pg.218
- Isobel claims that Bailey is looking for poppet
- The red hair girl who Bailey saw in the circus

Seminar 3
Monday May 5th 2014
- Make it more interesting
- Hear everyone's opinion and view of the circus
- What their role is in the circus
- more involved with the circus, more realistic
The Competition
- One must kill there opponent to win
"She will win. Do not try to avoid the fact that she is a stronger player than yours and always have been" pg.383
"And how any of your own students have chosen to end the game themselves?...Seven? Will your daughter be the eighth" pg.382
In Seminar 1, we had discussion on how the book would unravel. Did any of your conclusions stay the same? What changed?
Great Discussion with this group

Thank you!
Couldn't get back notes from Seminar 3
(Talked to you about this)
Competition Cont...
How does the book portray the following quote "To love is to ultimately sacrifice".
- Competition of endurance
- Souls are tied to the circus
- Cared more about each other than the circus
- Found a loop hole

-Ask Bailey to take over the circus
"We need you to take over the circus" (478)
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