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The Story of Hephaestus

A brief history on the god Hephaetus

Gabriella Jennings

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of The Story of Hephaestus

The Story of Hephaestus
The Birth of Hephaestus
Roman Counterpart Vulcan
Hephaestus's Roman counterpart, Vulcan is more disciplined, warlike, and militaristic. The Romans thought he was the god of volcanoes and fire, which gave him greater respect for their culture. Hephaestus and Vulcan are generally the same god but with different names. They are both the god of volcanoes, metal forgery, hammers and fire
Hephaestus's personality
Hephaestus has an ungracious attitude towards life, and prefers his machines rather than people. He has harbored a hate for his mother Hera, although he does love cyclops and his unfaithful wife Aphrodite.
At the time Aphrodite was causing trouble in Mt. Olympus. To solve the problem Zeus let Hephaestus marry Aphrodite, but she was unfaithful to him and that made Hephaestus upset. Aphrodite was known for having many lovers, but Ares was the most well known of the group. Then after watching this go on for quite some time he started to set up a traps to catch his wife and Ares. One of the most famous traps was when he caught the two in a magical net and let all the other gods.
When Zeus gave birth to Athena, Hera was very angry with Zeus and gave birth to Hephaestus. It wasn't until Hera looked at the child, that she noticed that he was very ugly. To get rid of the ugly child she threw him off of Mt. Olympus, and spread rumors that Zeus threw him off. The fall broke Hephaestus legs when fell in the sea, for some time he was nursed back to health, and Zeus let him back into Olympus where he built things for the gods
Hephaestus and Aphrodite
Aphrodite and Ares
Hephaestus Achievements
He created Achilles shield
He created all of the gods there weapons examples like Zeus lightning bolts, Poseidon's trident, Hades helmet, and a chariot for Helios
He created Pandora's wreath
His symbols are the hammer, an anvil, and a pair of tongs
His symbols
More Hephaestus Lore
While in the forges Hephaestus came up with the idea that he should build a throne for his mother that traps her. After he built it he gave it to Hera , and soon after she sat upon it she became ensnared in his trap. When Zeus begged to let her go but Hephaestus refused. Later on Dionysus got Hephaestus drunk and he released Hera.
By: Gabriella J.
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