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Project 3

No description

Jill Ross

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Project 3

Media Program Survey Long Range
Plan Process Kwik Surveys 10 students
10 teachers Questions Results New Tech
Tools Teacher
Support Student
Support Library Media
Center Budget $8,700 District-Wide
Budget Technology
Survey Co-Planning Co-Teaching Technology
Media Program
Orientation Instruction techsupport@mcvts.org PowerPoint & Word are used by 100% of teachers and students
Databases, Follett catalog, and Scanners are only used by 10% of teachers and 10% of students
Only 2 out of 10 students use Web 2.0 applications such as vodcasts, podcasts, and blogs
Common reasons sited were:
A lack of lesson needs
Unfamiliarity with the technology
A need for learning time 100% of the students and teachers do not use the SLMS
85% (9/10 teachers & 8/10 students) want more technologies
80% (10/10 teachers & 6/10 students) want an expert to ask questions Common reasons sited were: Smart Boards
simple user difficulties
Feelings that SLMS lacks knowlege and/or skills
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