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The Civil War for Texas

No description

Nafiul Alam

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of The Civil War for Texas

The Civil War and Texas
By Nafiul Khandaker
Texas and Tariffs
Texas was a state that had slavery and, so, was economically similar to other Southern states. As this is the case, Texas did not support tariffs as it ruined their trade with Europe, and buying cloth from either the US or Europe meant more money spent.
Texas and Slavery
Texas and States' Rights
Like all southern states, Texas believed heavily in states' rights and believed that the issues of tariff issuing, slavery, and sectionalism should be taken care of by the state for the Constitution says so.
Texas and Sectionalism
4 times as many citizens
More people = more food and supplies
Had more than 70% of the nation's railroads
Had a strong navy and a large fleet of private trading ships
Defending their homeland gave a stronger reason to fight
Had more skilled soldiers
Many of the best US soldiers were here
As mentioned earlier, Texas was a slave state and depended on slaves. They did not want to lose this style of life and, so, they were enraged at Abraham Lincoln's election. He was thought of as an abolitionist.
Sectionalism is pride in what a region or section has achieved. Texas was very hot and agricultural, and was very dependent on slaves to do the hard labor. This sectioned them as a part of the South. This is critical because much of the South will secede from the Union.
Had a huge area to conquer
Invading unfamiliar land
Had fewer factories to produce needed supplies
Had fewer railroads to move troops and vital supplies
Had a smaller population
1/3 of the population were slaves that couldn't be soldiers
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