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Traditional and Non Traditional Security

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Xiangting Huang

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Traditional and Non Traditional Security

Difference between Non Tradition Security Threats and Conventional Threat? Conventional Threats = Military Threats to the State

Non-Traditional Threats = Terrorism, Piracy, Serious Communicable Diseases etc


Conventional Threat = State Centric
Non-Traditional Threat = People Centric! Non-Traditional Security Non-Traditional Security Issues New?
No! What is “traditional” and “non-traditional” security?

Are “non-traditional” security threats really new, and that much different from conventional threats?
Traditional Security 1) Protection from invasion, executed during proxy conflicts via means of technical and military capabilities.

2) State-centric notion of security.

3) Protection for the State = The geographical boundary of the state. 1) Threats to the survival and development of a sovereign state, and even mankind.

2) Comes in the form of Terrorism, Drug Trafficking, Serious Communicable Diseases, Piracy, Illegal Immigration, Environmental Security, Economic and Financial Security, Information Security etc.

3) Protection for the structure of the country and its people. Decades ago, threats generally come from the state's boundaries being threaten from another country (Through invasion as shown in WW2 etc).

Post War Era, countries attained sovereignty and internal issues began to arise. (Piracy, Conflict within its people, Drug Trafficking etc)

Non-Traditional Security Threats have existed all along, but have moved into the front seat with the development of countries and change in mindset where outright war is not feasible and sustainable.
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