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Wildfires Affect On The Hydrosphere And Biosphere

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Kayla Leeth

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Wildfires Affect On The Hydrosphere And Biosphere

Wildfires Affect On The Hydrosphere And Biosphere
Water can act as a natural fire break.
The Hydrosphere
The Hydrosphere
The Hydrosphere
The fire can lead to a change in water temperature.
Reduced vegetation cover can lead to significant flooding.
The Biosphere
The Biosphere
The Biosphere
Fire Burns and kills plants and trees as well as animals that cannot escape the area.
Fire Fighters can be injured or killed trying to put out the fires.
Human activities start a large number of fires every year. Unattended or out of control campfires, a discarded burning cigarette, arson, or even equipment use can set off a blaze.
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