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Animal Abuse

No description

Exhibition Mentor

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Animal Abuse

Passive Animal Abuse
Morse 5th Grade Exhibition
Animal Abuse
Group Members
Lane Stewart
Evan Lam
Maddie Bill
Annie Joseph
Anthony Butler

Animal Abuse
2. Animal Lab Testing
Understanding why people abuse animals
Signs of Animal Abuse
What should we do if we identify that an animal is being abused?
1.) Contact the police
2.)Find out which agency is responsible for investigating and enforcing the anti-cruelty laws in your state, country, or town. This may be a local humane society or SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
Animal abuse is when someone hurts an animal or does not responsibly care for an animal. Common examples are: not giving food, water, or healthcare to a pet. It is against the law to be cruel to, or harm an animal, even if they are your own pets.

Animal Abuse Affects Our Community

Types of Animal Abuse
3. Dog Fighting
Some people make dogs fight for entertainment. It is not entertainment for the dogs. They make them fight until death or serious injury.
Common Forms of Animal Abuse

Neglect is animal abuse that is not done on purpose. Some pet owners don't mean to abuse their animal. Some people don't know how to take care of their animals.

3.Mental Illness
Active animal abuse is when someone abuses an animal on purpose.Some examples are kicking,hitting, burning, etc.

Passive animal abuse is when a person doesn't mean to hurt an animal. This can be described as neglect. Examples of neglect are forgetting to feed pets, leaving them outside in bad weather,and not taking them for regular checkups at the veterinarian.
There are many different ways that animals are abused. Four common forms of abuse are:

1.)Neglect - Passive
2.)Animal Lab Testing - Active
3.)Dog Fighting - Active
4.)Farming/Breeding - Active
1. Animals that look like they do not have sufficient food and water
2.Animals that have injuries.
3.Animals that are left outside in dangerous weather.
4.Animals that do not have an owner or identification tags.
Some people try to keep their pet under control by using cruel types of discipline.
Some people intentionally hurt animals because it makes them feel powerful.
These people suffer from serious, mental problems that will probably not go away on its own.
If you know anyone like this, talk to a trusted adult, and let the adult find someone to help them.
Animal Abuse affects the community. Animals that go stray might have offspring that does not get the food and healthcare that they need.

Shelters and societies spend lots of time and money trying to find and care for these stray animals.

Animal abuse can be divided into two categories. They are called active and passive animal abuse.
Active Animal Abuse
1. Neglect.

Lack of Exercise
Lack of Healthcare
4. Factory Farming
1. Profit
2. Lack of knowledge
3. Mental Illness
People abuse animals for 3 main reasons. They are:
1. Profit
Giant corporations that run most factory farms try to make more money by cramming animals into tiny spaces, even though many of the animals get sick and some die

These animals will never raise their families or do anything that is important to them. Most of them don't even go outside to breathe fresh air until they are loaded into truck to be slaughtered.

People who fight their dogs, gamble on the fights.
Companies make money from selling meat, fur, and products.
2. Lack of Knowledge
Owning an animal requires time, love, and money. Some people do not know the responsibility of taking care of an animal.
How to Care for Your Animal
Take your cat to the veterinarian regularly.
Brush your cat once per week.
Feed them daily.
Spend time with your cat.
Give them a scratching post or a tree they can climb.
Keep at least one litter box per cat and clean it regularly
Caring for a cat
How to care for your animal
Caring for a dog
Get your dog a microchip to help you find it if it gets lost.
Get your dog a bed to sleep in.
Feed your dog 2 cups of food daily.
Walk your dog daily.
Play with your dog regularly.
When scientist test things in the lab such as make-up or household cleaners, they use animals to test to see if they are safe for humans.
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