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The smart and superior real estate search engine...BE SMART :)

Hrvoje Bujas

on 10 July 2010

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Transcript of GoHome

Smart, Simple and Superior vertical search engine specialized for real estate

Aggregates content from all real estate agencies and portals on a given market / ALL REALESTATES IN ONE PLACE !

Provides the optimal results for any given query

GoHome is realy a Google for real estate

- be smart !
- be superior !
- be better then others !
- be Sexy ! What is GoHome ? Why GoHome ? To real estate buyers – our visitors ?
Agregation of all on-line real estate ads in a market
Free and unique search possibilities
Tool for finding a home / easy & quick :) To real estate agencies and portals – our clients ? Targeted and efficient marketing
Payment only when visitors click on the ad
Superior ! Smart ! Unique search possibilities
Price history for each property
‘price drop’ keywords (search only properties that price went down)
GEO location search ....‘house on south Adriatic’
Natural language input NLP
We are virtual real estate agent, searching all realestates in one place, we always know what is going on with the given market :) Revenue model
Sponsored listings based on Pay Per Click model
Display ads
Banners (banks, security)
Top real estates (residential)
Top projects (commercial)
GoHomeAds (branding)
Top products (related industry/furniture …)

Mobile integration

Search engine with NLP /Dothomes.com (uk+usa)
Crawling + classical interface / Enormo.com (ex properazzi.com)
Aggregators (needs XML) / Nestoria (uk,it,es), Nuroa (es,de) /Trovit
GoHome started one of the first 3,5 Years ago
GoHome is in 6 countries - Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy, Chech Republic and Slovakia
15 employes, 5 officies
Searching more then 7 500 000 properties
Facts ! Plans ! Further expansion to East Europe / Poland, Bulgaria…
Further upgrades of engine
New models of expansion (Partnerships, Joint Venture…)
New products (PayPerCall, Credit Card payments, Mobile integration)
Social component – BeepHome
Technology leasing worldwide (“NLP Search Box”)
What we are looking for in Poland ?
- strong partner, that can provide marketing and sales
What kind of cooperation we offer ?

1) LEASING of GoHome tehnology / partner is giving us a fixed monthly fee + additional money for upgreatings and further developmant

2) JOINT VENTURE / our tehnology, know how, updating, developing new products, tehnical support, your ( partner ) input in sales ( building sales team and revenue) and marketing ( on-line & off-line ) 3 easy steps :) Type what ever you are searching for, we will search all portals and agencies web sites and find what you want, just in a sec !
1) 2) Just click on one of the given answers 3) And there You are...with all other informations,It is that simple!
Our Clients !

More than 250 of them....Portals, Agencies, Banks, Developers....
www.njuskalo.hr / Styria
www.centarnekretnina.net / Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT)
www.splitskabanka.hr / Societe generale group
www.oglasnik.hr , www.nekretnine.net / Trader media east
www.bolha.com / Styria
www.casa.it / REA Group
www.kvarner-vig.hr / Kvarner Vienna Insurance Group
.... What we wont to be in Poland ?

- a starting place and tool for finding home !
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