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St. Paul's Student Orientation

No description

john marinacci

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of St. Paul's Student Orientation

St. Paul’s Athletic/ Activity Requirement
Every Upper School student must participate in athletics and extracurricular activities. In his four years, each student must participate in a minimum of eight (8) school-sponsored activities, of which five (5) must be made up of full athletic participation on a school-sponsored team or full participation in the troupe or crew of the fall musical. Students are encouraged to surpass the requirements. Because the possible combinations of activities and athletics are as varied as our students, each boy’s level of participation is subject to review by the Upper School Dean of Students and the Head of the Upper School.
Campus parking is in extremely short supply. All students must respect space assignments and park only in those areas designated for student use. All underclassmen will park on the lower lots adjacent to the athletic fields. Some seniors may be assigned spaces, based on availability, on the upper campus. Students may not drive their cars on the main body of campus at any time during the regular school day, and all cars must be registered with the Upper School Office. If a student’s car is not registered and his vehicle is on campus, he will receive a detention.
Failure to comply with driving and parking location regulations will result in revocation of the on-campus driving privilege for one month for a first offense and for the remainder of the academic year for the second offense.
Parking and Driving
All students bring laptops everyday and must check their school e-mail accounts once a day at least.
Headphones may only be worn in conjunction with laptop use.
Students may only use their laptops for academic purposes during the school day.
No personal electronic devices on their person from the time they arrive at school until the last bell.
If parents need to contact their children during the school day, they are to email them or contact the upper school. Please no texts or calls to their cell phones.
Laptops and Technology
Start of the School Day
7:55 AM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
8:25 AM on Thursday
More than one lateness in a calendar month will result in a demerit for each subsequent lateness that month
Unexcused lateness after 9:15 will prevent a student from participating in extracurricular events for that day.

End of academic Day
3:05 PM Monday, Friday
3:15 PM Tuesday and Thursday
3:10 PM on Wednesday

After-school commitments
Most sports and theater activities: 4 to 6 pm
Some clubs may meet from 3 to 3:45
The School Day
Handbook Updates

Service Learning Requirement:
Service and reflection with the goal of building lifelong habits of giving to others is part of our School’s mission.
Each student must complete a minimum of 10 hours per year.
Each student must have at least one sustained involvement (30+ hours) during one year of high school.
The student service council oversees the hours.
If a student does not complete his annual minimum, a penalty of an additional 10
Requirements (continued)
A student must wear:
A buttoned, collared shirt (no Hawaiian or flannel)
A tie (pulled all the way up)
Dress pants or khakis
A belt
Shoes (brown or black leather, hard soles, with dress laces)
Blazer for Wednesday chapel and special dress
Students must be clean shaven
Hair must be clean and out of a student's face.
The Dress Code
Honor Code
The Honor Code helps bring to life the School’s mission to develop responsibility for one’s self and others. Learning to conduct oneself in an honorable manner is an integral part of a St. Paul’s education. Students are expected to uphold the Honor Code, which states:

As St. Paul’s gentlemen, we do not lie, cheat, or steal; and we rely on each other to uphold our honor.

Disciplinary decisions in matters of honor will be at the
discretion of the School Principal and Headmaster.
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