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Danielle and Kate's SL Project

No description

Danielle Granata

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Danielle and Kate's SL Project

Kate and Danielle's Service Learning

Located in Providence, RI.
897 students attending (K-5)
74 % of the students are Hispanic, 14% are African American, 5% are white, 3% are Asian, 3% are Multiracial, and 1% is Native American.
93% are eligible for subsidized lunch.
36% are receiving Bilingual Education Services
11% are receiving Special Education Services.
Collier's Classroom
Collier moments at Carl Lauro Elementary
Kohn's Classroom
Kate's Classroom
August moment at Harry Kizirian
Danielle's Classroom
Carl G. Lauro Elementary
Mr. R uses Spanish to help the students understand the meaning of weekly vocabulary words.
Fourth Grade classroom at Carl Lauro
Good Signs:
Desks grouped together
Location of teacher (walking around)
Students are welcoming/ engaged
Teacher is welcoming
Student work on the walls
Many books for students
Table with chairs around
Reasons to worry:
One student separated from the rest
Unnecessary classroom clutter
Students all do the same task
Commercial posters
List of rules by teacher
Rodriguez moment at Carl Lauro Elementry
When i arrived at the class one day, an assignment was on the board from the students in the morning. The question was:
Why is language important? How would you feel if someone told you that you couldn't speak your language anymore? Is one language better than another? What does your language give you?

By: Danielle Granata & Kate McCaughey
Located in Providence RI
617 students attending (grades K-5)
65% of the students are Hispanic, 18% of the students are African American, 7% are Asian, 5% are White, 3% are Multicultural, and 1% of the students are Native American.
94% of the students are eligible for subsidized lunch.
27% are receiving ESL/Bilingual Education Services.
9% are receiving Special Education Services.
Collier Moments at Harry Kizirian Elementary
Ms. M makes all of the children feel comfortable
by using both English and Spanish in the
First Grade classroom at Harry Kizirian
Good Signs:
Desks in groups
Posters/ student work on the walls
Teacher is always walking around
Students seem engaged
Reasons to Worry:
One student separated
Classroom rules on the wall
Teachers voice is loudest
Sticker chart on the wall
One day when I walked into Mrs. R's classroom, all of the students were doing math word problems. When I looked at the sheet, it had many varieties of names that included all races, and it had many different types of family dynamics in each problem.
This reminded me of the August Safe Spaces piece because the teacher in this classroom is embracing all of the diversity in the class to make every child feel safe and comfortable.
Virginia Collier says that as a teacher you should honor the students' first language skills in order to really help them be successful in English as well.
August is a really big supporter of including all of the students and making them all feel as comfortable as possible. Differences should be "expected, embraced and explored"
All in all our service learning placements were a positive experience. They helped us realize what we want to do as teachers and also showed us the things that we do not want to do when we become educators. This experience will definitely contribute to our future as educators and we are happy we got to do this service learning project!
This reminded me of Rodriguez, or sort of the reverse of Rodriguez. This assignment was recognizing a persons private vs. public identity. This assignment gave students a chance to discuss the language that they cherish the most and the language that makes them who they are. The students were able to acknowledge the language that makes them the most comfortable, it did not have to be English.
Richard Rodriguez states that in schools, there is a conflict between a person's "public identity" and a person's "private identity." He argues that it is more beneficial to embrace ones public identity and that it is more important than one's private identity.
Alfie Kohn created a table listing his opinions on good signs and reasons to worry in a classroom environment that can contribute to a student's learning.
"It would have pleased me to hear my teachers address me in Spanish when I entered the classroom. I would have felt much less afraid." (Rodriguez)
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