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Fashion in the 2000's

No description

Maja Tasic

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Fashion in the 2000's

Fashion in the 2000’s
Fashion in the 2000’s is changing because we were just getting out of the shoulder pads, and big hair and loud makeup era . In the early 2000's there were some trends such as..... Fashion in the 2000's Famous people Normal people? Runway clothes HOW does this effect us? Uggs? CROCS? Crocs became very popular in the past few years.... , most people wore them.. people wore them to parks, to the beach. They became popular because of the comfort of them, and you could wear them to the pool, and if they go wet, it really wasn't a big deal. Uggs we see everywhere.. and the first person that started to wear them out in public was Pamela Anderson. Now we see many girls wearing them throughout the year.. in the winter, fall, spring and even summer, by pairing them with shorts and a tank top. What about now? Much of our 2012-2013 fashion comes from... famous people, runway models and even somebody we see on the street. Fashion.. as I said before, has changed a lot.. now we see Lady Gaga, Rhianna and maybe others.. wearing such outrageous clothing that many of us wouldn't been seen dead in. Most things we see on runway models are usually pretty
extreme.. just so we know what the fashion designer is trying to show us... Most of us think that we would never wear anything that those runway models are wearing..... but the truth is, we already are.. maybe not to that level but we diffidently are.. such as We may not wear it to be that extreme.. but we will take some ideas of it.. maybe like the inner corner of our eye, or maybe just the bottom or top eyeliner. The end (: TAKE NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do NOT have a handout Fashion in the 2000’s
2000’s – 2012
-Everybody now had there “own” style
In the early 2000’s
In the Early 2000’s there were some popular trends going on… such as “Uggs”, “Crocs” , an “ accent” finger nail and even different hair colors, and all of them are still around today in 2013.
Where does our fashion come from?
Our fashion comes from...Famous people, Runway Models and even people we see on the street.
How does this affect us?
Most of us like what we see on TV. So that may affect us on how we are shopping. Such as, if you see a pretty dress for maybe 200$, and you think it’s cheap... but you see a famous person wearing that same dress, you will think that it is good quality and if they can afford anything, and that choose that 200$ dress, they it must be good.
You may have seen people with different colored hair… such as Green, Orange, Blue, Red, Pink and maybe others. Maybe of their impressions may come from famous people… that many of us may look up too. Such as Rihanna with bright red hair, and Katy Perry with blue hair.
What do people think of us, if we are seen wearing something?
If we are seen wearing something expensive and people know the name or the label of it… we are most likely to been seen as rich or wealthy.
Runway Models:
Maybe of us would never think of wearing some things that a Runway Model does… but we really are. We may not wear it to that extreme, but we do use some the impressions in our everyday lives. A Few Trends!!!!!! The 2000s are often described as a "mash-up" decade,[1] where trends saw the fusion of previous styles, global and ethnic clothing, as well as the fashions of numerous music-based subcultures, especially indie pop. Many in the industry have noted the lack of divide between the 1990s and early 2000s due to the continued popularity of minimalist fashion among young people of both sexes.[2] For the most part, the mid-late 2000s did not have one particular style but recycled vintage clothing styles from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1980s. All the young dudes!!! Fashion for Men Hair Girls in 1996 to 2005 had long straight hair
and it was fashionable for girlsto have highlights in their hair.. such as red, or light or dark brown. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2000%E2%80%932009_in_fashion
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