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The Benefits and Dangers of technology.

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Valerie Burke

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of The Benefits and Dangers of technology.

Technology has many benefits and dangers. Everybody should know the benefits and dangers of technology because you might not know how much technology effects us good and bad.
Here are some more benefits of technology.
you can do a presentation like this one.
have relationship if someone. (if someone lives faraway it's easy to interact with them.)
take photos. (it's like taking photos of memories.)
find stuff easier.
helps jobs. ( example the phto here where they are having an X-ray.
There is many dangers of technology. Some dangers of tecnology is,
talk differently.
write differently.
people might take what your writing differently.(expression.)
you could forget what people sound like if you just text.(but then again you could phone them.)
it's not the same as seeing them in person.
you can't physically interact. (hug)
not be able to hear when older
art might not be as good because you never write or draw.
your lazy.
Here are some other dangers of technology.
not have real friends.
people could be lying to you.
mental disorder.
effects the earth ( throwing things out. How do you think they make technology?)
persuade people things that aren't right.
someone might not be the age they say they are and then you meet them and you could be in serious danger.
Technology has many benefits but remember to not get so close the technology because if it ever does fail we need to know how to live without it.
There is many benefits of using and having technology. Here are some ways technology helps us.
easy to do anything.
easy to socialize.
talk/text to people faraway.
people who are different can communicate easier and explain easier.
sometimes it's faster and easier to type then write.
you can translate what you are saying.
research is much easier.
you can find a thesaurus or dictionary.
The Benefits and Dangers of technology.
by: Valerie Burke.
Medical Dangers.
Here are some of the worst medical dangers that involve technology.
alarm fatigue
luer (tubing and catheter) misconnections
defibrillator failure
problem with home use medical devices
anesthesia dangers from mistakes in pre-use inspection
surgical fires
feeding tube misconnections
failing to pay sufficient attention to new device connectivity
cross-contamination from flexible endoscopes
As you can see there is many dangers involving technology.
video game addiction
technology addiction
internet addiction
selfie addiction
As you can see technology has created a lot of addictions.
Cyber bullying
There are many danger for technology and cyber bullying is one of the worst. Cyber bullying has effected many people in different ways.(suicide, emotional scaring and depression. Everyone sholud try and stop this danger before anyone else gets hurt.
Remember Things
An amazing thing about technology is you can see things you can't remember. Like a video of your first steps or when you were born. These things are some of the most treasured moments of our lives but we just can't remember them. I think this is amazing and it will help humanity for a long time.
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