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Daniel Painter

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Hsstroy

The Grand tour In the 1700's it was popular for young Englishmen men to go on the "Grand Tour." It was where young Englishmen went around Europe and shed off their rough ways and become part of the English aristocracy(fancy). It started in France, went to Dijon, Lyons, and Marseilles. The young man then had to choose between a water route that had a risk of piracy or a sedan chair through the mountains to get to Rome. It Ended usually ended in Rome, they could go to Austria if they wanted to though. They went to Austria because the Austrian court was centered on music. The Age of Reason. During this time men dared themselves to learn. During this time people believed that reason could replace faith, they put their trust in themselves. During this some good advances in science were made. Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity. During this time the microscope became popular, at the height of the age of reason in one's drawing room. Other laws of nature were discovered. That is usually good, but you can take reasoning to far.
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