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This is a prezi about Kenya

Jaci Schnakenberg

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Kenya

KENYA Kenya's Flag Kenya's flag as adopted in 1963 Black is for the Kenyan's people red is for independence green is for agriculture The shield and spears stand for defense of freedom Population Keny'a population is just over 41 million people There are 42 ethnic groups.The biggest group is the Kikuyu Some other groups are Luhya, Luo, Kanlenjin, and Kamba Capital city of Nairobi is home to around 4 million people Kenya covers 224,961 square miles and is roughly the same size as Madagascar or Texas Kenyas map and wildlife Kenya is most famous for its plentiful wildlife like Lion, Hyena, lepord, cheetah, elephant, hippo, rhino, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, and impala. Baby animals in Kenya weather The equator runs across Kenya, so the weather is hot. During the wet seasons (April to June, and October to November), it can rain for several hours a day. The rest of the year is dry, especially in the deserts of the north. People and Culture people in Kenya speak 2 different. The languages are English and Kiswahili. English is widely used in business, education, and goverment. Kiswahili was chosen as the national language over other native tongues because of its linguistic communality with Kenya's other Bantu-based languages. People in Kenya speak 2 languages.........they are English and Kiswahili are Kenya's official languages. Video Majority of Kenyans are Christians Kenyan Clothing Kenyans often have close relationship with their uncles, aunts, and cousins. Children in some ethnic groups call a maternal anut younger mother or older mother depending on the aunt's age in relation ot the child's mother. A paternal aunt is called aunt. Likewise, a paternal uncle is younger father or older father, while a maternal uncle is uncle. The family's youngest adult son cares for ageing parents Because the family is a great source of pride, most Kenyans expect to marry and have children. Women care for the home, children, and the garden if they have one. Men do not do household chores, and they rarely cook. Most homes do not have modern appliances, so cooking can be a time-consuming chore; water and firewood must often be carried from long distances. Soccer is the most popular game in Kenya. Soccer is even played in the poorest areas. They are valued for giving youth a chance to develop discipline, teamwork, and physical skills. Urban residents might play field hockey, cricket, or rugby. Sports About Lamb, potatoes, and asparagus Food THANKS FOR WATCHING
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