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Economic Significance of Food Park in the Municipality

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angelu alberto

on 7 April 2017

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Transcript of Economic Significance of Food Park in the Municipality

Problem Rationale and Background
Filipino Culture
Statement of the Problem
Is the Food Park paying taxes?
Theoretical/ Conceptual Framework
Significance of the Study
Economic Significance of Food Park in the Municipality
What is Food Park?
When and where it started?
3 Cities in Metro Manila
Taguig City
Quezon City
Pasig City
Mercato Centrale
Maginhawa StrEat
Food Park
Does it increase the income of the community?
Does it give employment to the community and the municipality?
Non - Directional
Ragnar Nurke’s Balance Growth Theory

The theory hypothesis that the government of any underdeveloped country needs to make large investments in a number of industries simultaneously. This will en-large the market size, increase productivity, and provide an incentive for the private sector to invest. Nurke’s theory discusses how the poor size of the market in underdeveloped countries perpetuates its underdeveloped state. Nurke has also clarified the various determinants of the market size and puts primary focus on productivity. According to him, if the productivity levels rise in a less developed country, its market size will expand and thus it can eventually become a developed economy.
To the researcher
To the community and the municipality
To the government
To the Food Park owners and employees
Future researcher
Scope and Limitation of the Study
Definition of Key Terms
Economic Impact
Food Vendor
Food Stall owner
Food Park Operator
Review of Related Literature
“Street vendors create jobs, not only for themselves but for porters, security guards, transport operators, storage providers, and others. Many generate revenue for cities through payments for licenses and permits, fees and fines, and certain kinds of taxes.”
Source: http://wiego.org/informal-economy/occupational-groups/street-vendors
Research Design
Determination of size
Gastro Park
Maginhawa StrEAT Food Park
Mercato Centrale
Sampling Design and Technique
Survey Questionnaire
The Subject
Research Instrument
Validation of the
Pilot testing
Data Gathering Procedure
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