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Copy of United Nation Millennium Development Goals

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Lena Krueger-Lorenzen

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of United Nation Millennium Development Goals

United Nation
Millennium Development Goals Country Information Education Equality Health Wealth Nigeria 2. It depends on where you live and how much money you have to let your child go to school. Especially familys with a high number of children ( which is often the case in Africa ) can´t enroll their children to school. They each need a helping hand. 4. The first 6 years of primary school are mandatory. But most children can´t go to school because there are not enough schools and hardly any in the north of Nigeria. Besides that most of the schools cost money which a lot family's don´t have. 3. In Nigeria school is free until grade 6 except for books and uniforms they coast 20 Naira. A family has to pay 2 Naira per child. 7. In Nigeria most of the children
go to school for 8.9 years. These
are the expected years of schooling.
The first six years are mandatory and
after that most children go to school 1. Education in Nigeria is overseen
by again and learn around 2 and a half years more. 6. In Nigeria the government pays 0.9 percent on education. Just because some people are different then others it doesn't mean they should get treated differently. In Nigeria men have more rights than women do. This is not fair! Girls have to marry at the age of 19. Women in Nigeria get paid less than men even though they have the same jobs as them. Malaria claimed 1947 lives in 1991 and rising to 3268 lives in 1995. There are 119 deaths per 1000 live births because of mothers who aren't healthy and because of mothers dying at child birth. Bibliography The most diseases
you get in Nigeria are caused by dirty water. http://www.nationsencyclopedia.com/Africa/Nigeria-HEALTH.html http://www.onlinenigeria.com/health/ In Nigeria malaria is very common because when people sleep the mosquito comes and sucks your blood and then you get malaria. If you gave us the many we could buy mosquito nets for everyone Over 71% of people live in poverty The percentage of people living in poverty rises every year Nigeria could be a very rich country, if they used the oil in a good way. There are to many oil spills. Most people do not have enough money for a good living. In Nigeria you pay with Nigerian Nairas.
1 Naira is ...$. Goodluck Jonathan is the 14th Nigerian president. He was the Governor of Bayelsa State and Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The most recent religions in Nigeria are Muslim and Christian. The population of Nigeria has risen from 134 million in 2004 to 162 million in 2012. Diabetes

Diabetes is when you pancreas is not working so some people take jabs and some people take pills. There are two types if diabetes type one and type two and the treatment depends on which type you have. Type one is when you take jabs and type two is when you take pills. Maybe your wondering why you can’t just take jabs or pill? Well, diabetes type two you can get rid of and it is not so bad as type one.

Type One diabetes you cant get rid of only if you take a pancreas from a dead persons body and put it into you because diabetes type one you pancreas is not working so it cant control you blood sugar. But if you get it done then everyday you well need to take medicine. But doing that is very dangerous so there is another way to do a little Sergey to put insulin in you liver and then you would not need to do jabs. But this would only last for one year. And if you want to get this done then you should wait when you are an adult.

There is not any way that you can die from diabetes but if you don't look after you blood sugar and keep eating sweets then you foot or leg well be cut of. But non of this well happen as long as you take care of your self

When you have diabetes it is very important to do out door play. But when you go out you must were shoes because if you get a cut or it could get very Sirius and may not heal so fast. And when you come back from out door play wash you hands because you never know what kind of germs are on you

For food things, you must control how much you eat. Not so much that have sugar because then your blood sager well be very high. So when you blood sugar is high you should go out side a play a running game or another game as long as it is a game that can bring you blood sugar down. Or if you don't want to go out side you can run up you stairs around your table, anywhere in your house.

And when you eat breakfast lunch and dinner you must eat some carbohydrates like rice pasta and potatoes because your blood sugar would go done and then you would have to to eat something sweet. But when you eat something sweet you should not eat to much or you blood sugar well get high.

Sometimes when you are thirsty some times it can be that you blood sugar is high and also when you have head aces. But sometimes you’re just thirsty and same when you have a head ache so it is not all the time.

If you have diabetes for pets you should not get turtles because they have a lot of germs but its not only turtles there are many other animals too. So be carful when you pick your pets. So a better pet would be a cat, dog, hamster and a rabbit so now you know what kind of animals are good for you

In Africa the people believe that if you taste the blood from the person that has diabetes and it is sweet then you blood sugar is high and if it taste normal then the blood sugar is good.
I my self have diabetes at. At first I did not
Under stand what to do but after a while
I under stood how it works Written by: Lena
This unit (We have a responsibility to strive for education, equality, health, sustainability and wealth for every human being) I learned a lot about how lucky we are to have such a good life, we live in houses, eat good food and we have clean water. But if you looked at how other people live you would see that those people have hardly any food and water.

I learned that most children can’t go to school because their parents can’t enroll them or they need them to work at home to earn money for their family. Most of the family’s don not have enough money to enroll their children, because they don’t earn enough money to buy food and educate their children. Especially females are not going to school, because most people say “women don’t need to be educated to be a housewife”. This is kind of true but still everybody has the right to visit a school, it doesn’t matter if women or men.

I learned that the UN (United Nations) is a worldwide organization that wants world peace. The UN has millennium goals that they want to reach by the time of 2015. The 8 millennium development goals are: End poverty and hunger, primary education for everyone, to get rid of diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS, environmental sustainability, for a pregnant woman to be safe of child birth, to stop child mortality, Global Partnership and gender equality. These goals are all about world peace and that is what the UN wants to reach so everybody will get treated the same and will have the same amount of everything.

I also learnt a sensational way how to debate/argue in a calm way and I learnt about persuasive language. Every week we did a debate, we had to fight for money for our country, we divided into groups at the beginning of the unit and every group got a country that they had to research about. Nigeria our group’s country is one of the 20 poorest countries in the world and has more children out of school than any other country in the whole world. Persuasive language means that when you speak you use effective words that persuade, like delighted and dreadful.

Many people even in rich countries live in poverty or on very little money every day, not like us. We go to school and have fun. But they work the entire day to earn 5$.So we should be happy with what we’ve got, because we have really got everything we need.

It is our responsibility to change this, so people can have a better living conditions. Every one of us can help in a different way, so why don’t we help those people that need some things more than we do. By: Daniela Thode
In this unit of inquiry I learnt that so many children are so poor and thousands of people die every year
My contrey that I was doing for this unit was Nigeria I learnt so much like I thought that Nigeria was very poor but actuly Nigeria is very rich
Nigerin people worked so much and they only get 1 cent per day. And did you know that 70 percent of people living in Nigeria are living with only one doller per day
Some people in Nigeria go to school but some don’t and it is very important that everyone in the world can go yo school because when they grow up they want to get jobs
And we also need more doctors because when mothers give birth most of the mothers or babies die.
Nigeria might be very rich but other contreys can be very poor like veitnam so we all can help these children by sending them some toys that we don’t need any more or even give some clothes to them
If we can help these children they wont need to work 24 hours a day and instead they can wake up in the moring and be happy with there life Reflections
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