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Think Outside the Container: eReaders and the iPad in the School Library and Classroom

Offers educators an examination of several eReader devices available for library and classroom use.

Fiona Casida

on 7 October 2011

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Transcript of Think Outside the Container: eReaders and the iPad in the School Library and Classroom

Think Outside the Container:
eReaders & the iPad in the
Library & Classroom

Student Use
& Management

What is the purpose for the eReader or Mobile device in your library, classroom, or school?
Important Question
The Containers
e Ink Technology
Readable in bright sunlight
No glare
Book selection easy to access/ purchase (free-$12.99)
Fairly simple navigation
Includes dictionary
Now has wi-fi option
Limited file format (limits library borrowing)
No pagination (added)
Outdated navigation
Small screen
Limited devices (6, incl. apps)
Privacy Issue (Amazon knows)
What the Kindle is & more
Touch screen
Dictionary, notes, highlighting
Used for research
Excellent customer service
Borrow books from public library
Cons (on original):
Book selection not touch driven
No backlight
Start up time
Difficulty with time stamp/books downloading
Devices limited to 6 (industry standard)
Cons (on color):
Screen glare
Web surfers
Limited battery life
Durable metal case
Overdrive compatible
Reads files in common formats
Touch screen
Displays days left on borrowed titles
Can create user account w/o credit card
No wif-fi or wireless connection
Must connect PC to download titles
Can't mix EPUB & PDF protected docs (has been resolved)
More expensive than comparable eReaders
Touch screen interface
Intuitive (easy to use)
Amazing graphics
Covers, page numbers, color pics in books (Alice)
Audio/video embedded files
Easily change font, settings, volume
Embedded dictionary, highlighting, notes
Free book apps (Kobo, Wattpad)
Free educational apps
Kindle and Nook Apps
Internet connection fast on school network
Cool Factor - students love it!
Attached to iTunes account
Synced to one computer
Fingerprint issue
Glare from fluoresecent lights
One book per device?
Reading experience similar to computer
Viewed as "toy" rather than tool
Library Circulation (6x166); free Fridays & Kaplan
Fiction & Required Reading/ Research
Literature Circles
Dictionary, highlighting, note-taking
Color Nook:
Library Circulation
Magazine Use
Subscription database access (Gale)
Web-based Resources
Children's interactive books (read aloud)
Not just an eReader - iBooks
Test preparation (ACT, AP)
Online catalog
Research (subscription/web based resources)
Mobile Lab
Virtual Museum Trips
Student Response System
Plethora of Educational Apps
More iPad Use:
Content creation (iMovie, GarageBand, digital storytelling, photo manipulation)
Student initiative (Google docs)
Highlight text/take notes (screen keyboard or stylus)
Textbooks redesigned for iPad (Houghton Mifflin - algebra & Pearson - Social Studies)
The list goes on....
"When you use an app on an iPad, the iPad becomes that thing. Maps make the iPad a map. iBooks turn it into a book. Brushes turns it into a sketch pad. I feel that teachers are not looking for new software they can run on this computing device, rather they are asking can I make this iPad into something else useful for my teaching?"
--Fraser Speirs
Assistive Technology:
Audio component for all devices
iPad built in accessibility
iPad Apps (Dragon Dictation, Speak It, etc.)
Wi-Fi OR 3G
There is no "or"
All devices must be connected to network
Technology partnership/ support is imperative
Management & Tech Issues:
One Administrative Account
School iTunes account
iTunes volume purchasing
School email & secure password
Credit Card vs Gift Gards (PO)
DRM: Digital Rights Management
Collection Management
What's Next?
Research (reading comprehension)
More Research
Presentation eHand-outs:
eReader overview
Free sources of eBooks
eReader/iPad Resources (annotated)
File formats
Checking out eBooks from Public Library
Wireless vs Wi-fi & CIPA
Student eReader User Agreement
IPad Student Feedback Form
Nook Cover Example
Cataloging eBooks in WorkFlows
Circulation Sets
Contact Information:

Fiona Casida

Jim Martin
Fiona Casida
Copley-Fairlawn City Schools

James Martin
"The Year of the iPad"
Steve Jobs
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