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Qatar Powerpoint

christian flanders

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Qatar

Christian Flanders
Block 3
Qatar Qatar.
Emirate Government
Leader-Prime Minister HAMAD
bin Jasim bin Jabir al-Thani Land Area-11,586 sq km
Arable land: 1.64%
Elevation lowest point: Persian Gulf 0 m
highest point: Qurayn Abu al Bawl 103 m Population:
Population density: 123.2/km2
Life expectancy at birth:
75.35 years

Infant mortality rate:
total: 12.66 deaths/1,000 live births
Literacy: total population: 89%
Unemployment rate:
Population below poverty line:
Exports -
liquefied natural gas (LNG), petroleum products, fertilizers
Imports -
machinery and transport equipment, food, chemicals
U.S. dollar = 3.64 riyal
1 Qatari Rial = 1.52625 Egyptian Pound
Telephones - mobile cellular:
1.683 million
Number of Televisions-230,000 Ethnic groups:
Arab 40%, Indian 18%,

Muslim 77.5%, Christian 8.5%,
Current Events-
Qatar is currently working to open the first community college in the persian gulf

Russia and Qatar are going to work together to develop some of russias oil reserves.
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