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SUNDAY 2014 WSRID Business Meeting

No description

Eloisa Williams

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of SUNDAY 2014 WSRID Business Meeting

2014 WSRID Business Meeting
Judie Husted
Member of the Year Award
Meet the Nominees
Election Process
Treasurer's Report
Information found via Guidebook
Interpreters in Educational and Instructional Settings
Angie Obleness, IEIS Region V Representative


Joanna Ball Smith
Elizabeth Bass
Whitney Hill
Colleen Jones
She has been our our editor for several years
She has worked tirelessly... put out terrific newsletters for our organization.
...helped WSRID pursue its mission
She has volunteered countless hours to WSRID.
...quiet behind the scenes worker. Many people have no idea all that she has done to support our profession.
The gifts and talents that she gives are state wide.

One More Award...
Theresa B Smith
Distinguished Service Award
Regularly volunteers at Deaf Blind Retreat
Served as WSRID Director 2009-2011
Served on 2010 Conference Planning Committee
Helped organize and facilitate Puget Sound meetings to address HCA issues
Updates members on legislative issues
Met with Deaf community to prepare and organize plans to address K-12 interpreter standards during Professional Educator Standards Board Meetings
Met with State Representatives to promote HB1144
Planned for WSRID and Medical Interpreter Task Force presence at annual Legislative Receptions
Worked with Deaf community members to organize and plan a protest for qualified interpreters at Seattle Men's Chorus
Created a blog, planned informational meetings and organized colleagues to address recent DSHS contract issues
Member of Medical Interpreter Task Force
2014 Theresa B Smith
Distinguished Service Award

What is IEIS
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