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chelsea knipe

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Science PLANT CELL - CONCERT

Nucleus: Stage Crew
The Nucleus is the main part of the cell and like the Nucleus the stage crew is a main part a concert.
Plant Cell Compared to a Concert
Nucleolus: Instrument's
The Nucleolus produces ribosomes as the instruments at a concert produce music
Mitochondria:The Band
The Mitochondria Produces ATP ( Adenosine Tri Phosphate )While the band at a concert creat's excitement among the crowd
Vacuole: Booths that cell concert merchandise
The Vacuole is the part of the cell that stores all the food,water and waste in the cell like the booths that sell merchandise they store all of that bands autographed shirts mugs, key chains and stuffed characters
Lysosome's: Cleanup Crew
The Lysosome's of the cell are like the white blood cells in a human body they help get rid of all the un-wanted diseases, Bacteria and viruses like after a concert when people leave their garbage on the ground the cleanup crew helps get rid of the garbage so that another concert can go on without the place looking like a disaster
Nuclear Membrane:Staff members that check tickets
The Nuclear Membrane in a cell only let's the smaller molecules into and out of the nucleus which is like the staff members that check to see if you have a ticket or if your ticket is valid.
Golgi Bodies: Roadie's Truck
The Golgi Bodies in a cell are sacs packed full of proteins and the Roadies truck's are the vehicle that transports all of the bands gear and instrument's.
ER(Endoplasmic Reticulum): Gates at the entrance of the concert
The Endoplasmic Reticulum of the cell helps carry proteins to the place that they need to be just like the gates at a concert that helps you find the concert hall and any other activities to do at the concert.
Cytoplasm: The Audience
The Cytoplasm of a cell is the jelly like substance that fill's the cell which is like the audience at a concert the audience fill the concert hall
Cell Membrane: Concert Security
The Cell Membrane helps regulate everything that goes in and out of the cell it also helps protect the plant cell and give's it its shape just like the security details at a concert they help regulate the lines going in and out of the concert hall they also help protect the band and the audience from any harm and they make sure no one crosses the boundaries
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