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Some Kind of Courage

No description

Madeleine Student

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of Some Kind of Courage

First person (Joseph's point of view)
Point of View
Joseph runs away with most of his guardian's stolen money

He has to make a variety of deals and do a lot of bargaining

Joseph then meets Ah-Kee

The journey continues...
Sarah, Joseph's beloved half-wild indian pony, was sold by Mr. Grissom and bought by the disonest Caleb Fawney. Fawney is already on the run from the sheriff. To get to Sarah, Joseph must face unforgiving trails and relive painful memories of the past.

Conflict Type: Man vs. Nature
Joseph Johnson: Determined, Wiry
Role: Protagonist Status: Orphan

Mr. Grissom: Ignorant, Stout
Role: Complication Status: Guardian

Ah-Kee: Loyal, Lanky
Role: Secondary Protagonist
Status: Lost Child

Caleb Fawney: Disonest, Burly
Role: Antagonist Status: Horse Buyer
Old Mission, Washington
Some Kind of Courage

by Dan Gemeinhart
Helena O'Connor #20
various trails and paths
several rivers
Takes place in the year 1890
realistic fiction and action/adventure
4.75 out of 5 stars
I loved the creative plot and climax. However, there were some gaps and unexplained events in the plot. This may have been added as a part of the writer's craft.
Is this book for you?
If so, you should...
like fast-moving, intricate plots
be comfortable with extremely mild violence
be able to sympathize with characters
Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed my presentation.
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