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Kenneth Leung

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Tobacco

An Intro:
Main ingredient in cigarettes, pipe tobacco, snuff and chewing tobacco
Tobacco derives from a plant family called Nightshades (Solanaceae) (e.g. Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, etc.)
Leaves are the primary storage for Nicotine in the Tobacco plant (Nicotine Leaves)
First used by Native Americans for medical and spiritual purposes
Tobacco back then was not processed, and had major side effects, thus making raw tobacco a hallucinogen
Early European History
First records of tobacco came when Christopher Columbus landed on the Caribbeans, thinking he had found a trade route across the Atlantic to China
Upon his arrival on the island, he was greeted by the native Taino who gifted him with Tobacco
Brought the tobacco back to Europe for further investigation, Europeans soon discovered pipe smoking from the Taino
However, those who smoked were associated with the devil, or the uncivilized native Taino
1500s, tobacco seeds shipped over to Europe, where it began to spread
Growing Tobacco
Tobacco mostly exported from China, India, and Brazil
Seeds are 1st sown in greenhouses, and let grow for 2-3 months
Afterward transported to open field
Tended to daily until 3 months has been reached on the field, at which point the flowers are chopped off and chemicals sprayed to prevent extra shoots from growing on the stems
All processes performed and out of the way; average length of a leaf is 30 inches (76 cm long)
When ripe, leaves are harvested and dried in the sun or by artificial means
Also when growing tobacco, they fertilize with mineral apatite, causing the plant to lack nitrogen, making it a more desirable taste
Tobacco Industry & The Industrial Revolution
China & America
Many people in China can only make a living off tobacco due to the government has set a market price for tobacco
In 1982, China created a State Tobacco Monopoly Administration in 1982 to regulate tobacco around its borders
In America, whose sales of tobacco have gone down ever since they discovered its dangerous health effects
The industry has been sued by the U.S. as the companies never released this health issue out to the public
Despite this, the U.S. is the leading producer of tobacco, but the amount they produce has been decreased majorly since the 1950s
Why or Why Not?
Tobacco is the leading cause of death in the U.S, not only that but smoking also emits over 8 billion kilograms of greenhouse gases every year, destroying 500,000 acres of forest every year
Moreover, the tobacco industry is so expansive that if we grew food instead of tobacco, 70% of malnourished people in he world would be fed
However at the same time, this industry creates economical stability in both small towns, and provides profit for the government
And remember, there are hundreds of jobs linked to tobacco farming and manufacturing
What Can We Do About It?
There are countless prominent organizations dedicated towards anti-smoking, take the World Health Organization or the FDA for example.
There are also organizations like the World Health Organization trying to prevent tobacco companies to advertise as tobacco causes multiple health problems and more teenagers have been smoking in the last few years
Aside from just not existing, there is not much of a solution that can be presented to improve the industry unless by removing all the health problems caused by smoking, although E-cigs are one of the companies that are changing the face of smoking
There are hardly any organizations attempting to promote tobacco for sale excluding tobacco companies
By supporting any of these organizations, you can change the views on tobacco.
Questions for Discussion
1. Imagine you have the power to either abolish or let the tobacco industry be. Keep in mind there are major side effects for both decisions. Explain your reasoning and why it overrides the coinciding side effects.
2. You are a tobacco brand owner, fighting to make a living against the seemingly endless throng of those who want your industry destroyed. How do you plan on promoting your products as to not enrage those who are against tobacco use?
3. Why do you think tobacco got so popular so fast during the Industrial Revolution, and its discovery?
4. Do you think E-cigs will completely replace regular cigarettes? Why?
Changing the Tobacco Industry (Part 2)
E-cigarettes, an electronic cigarette, are one of the companies that are trying to change the tobacco industry, as their cigarettes are more environmentally friendly, there are no carcinogens produced by using them, and they are much cheaper
World Health Organization is trying to prevent tobacco industries from advertising as they are being attracted by younger people and as they are a serious health hazard to people
Many organizations, like the FDA, are trying to abolish the tobacco industry, as there are also very few organizations that are trying to support or promote the tobacco industry
Because by smoking tobacco, you contract a lot of health problems, like lung cancer, it would be better if there were a way to prevent tobacco from causing harmful carcinogens to enter your body
Better conditions for workers and more pay for the workers
Changing the Tobacco Industry (Part 1)
All images and videos go to their respective owners.
Industrial Revolution
Modern Day
No pesticides lead to more maintenance on tobacco
No shelter from elements meant that more effort was also needed to grow tobacco
Seed to dried leaf was done manually
Slaves were brought in to fill the labor gap, they were not paid
Slaves were treated poorly, once one wasn't working as hard, they were fired and another was re-hired
Workers were beat even if no mistakes were made
Poorly fed and badly treated
Pesticides and shelter for growing tobacco made it easier to grow
Seed to dried leaf is done by machine
Workers are usually farmers or immigrants
Workers are paid minimum wage
Bad conditions
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