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Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV 2012

Ted Lownie

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Smart TV

(Samsung) Smart TV What is a Smart Television/ What makes it "Smart"? Samsung Smart TV is the next step for the standard television. It is in many areas, such as resolution and design very updated, but what classifies it as "Smart" is it's WIFI capabilities and the way they organize it (home screen). A Smart TV essentially acts as a standard television and a computer (only allowing practical computing usage). Which permits the user to access websites such as Facebook and YouTube while simultaneously watching TV (Users have internet-connected services/ multimedia apps). This is the current home screen of the Samsung Smart TV. Examples of internet-connected services shown in the photo include Twitter, Netflix, Facebook and YouTube. What made this technology/Smart TV possible? Many decades of advancements of technology have led to this product. Initially, in the 1970's the domestic television was the start point leading to the Smart TV. Then in 1979 "View Data" was launched that initially in a sense thought of using the television for functions usually done on a computer. Later throughout the 1990's television based internet service was introduced. Finally the Smart TV with network features (popular websites) such as Facebook was finalized as to what it's today (Smart TV introduced in 2008). So, the Smart TV is product of years of advancements to the original television. However it was the recent popularity shown towards television and the internet that motivated companies to create the Smart TV. Samsung Smart TV information: Smart TV's generally cost more than a standard television due to the features. Ted Lownie Oct. 22, 2012 For example, the TV shown to the left is:
-46 inches (small/medium)
-LED 1080p, built in WIFI
-(Samsung Smart TV) The cost the Smart television shown is estimated at $2, 099.00CAD, which in comparison to a normal television is much less cost efficient (the downside of a Smart TV). 2 Questions for audience: 1. Would you consider buying a Samsung Smart TV/ do the benefits make the price acceptable? 2. Do you see potentially owning a Smart TV (having TV and internet-access in an organized home page) a benefit opposed to having both a computer and a standard television? (Smart TV's also have voice recognition)
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