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Digital Education

No description

Emily Gibbs

on 27 June 2016

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Transcript of Digital Education

Effective Implementation of Mobile Devices in Education
What is the message behind this movie?
We need new strategies and change for a new generation of learners.
We need to make learning relevant.
We need to think about how we use technology effectively in our schools
How to use the SAMR model to ensure best educational practice
Often the stage of SAMR that you are using depends on how you incorporate the application to your classroom.
It is important to note the apps we show you today could fit into different stages of the model.
The placement of the apps could vary depending on the activity and the desired goals and outcomes for a particular project.
Common Mistakes Schools Make When Using Tablets
Focus on content apps
Lack of teacher preparation in management of tablets. You need an ideal workflow
(we look at this in our next session.)
Treating the tablet like a computer and expecting it to serve as a laptop
Treating the tablet like a multi-user device
Having an unreliable wifi network
Charging issues
Using it as a 'play' tool
Not using as 1-1?
Rules for using iPads in the Classroom and as a whole school

Examples of how to use Applications in the SAMR model

10 million iPads used in schools worldwide!

Why is it important to use mobile devices in your classroom?
-They are cost effective
-They don't require an email address
-Most are open-ended
-They can be used across year levels
-The best idea is to focus on a few apps and know them well. Teach your students how to navigate these and use them repeatedly in different ways.
-Many apps have similar outcomes, use the rubric to decide which ones suit you and your students.

Today's Apps
How do I use mobile devices effectively in the classroom?
Rose Mitchell
Emily Gibbs Connor
21st century priorities. IT has become integrated in all life and not a separate school subject.
Technology industry is growing faster than we can imagine we need to equip our students for this world! The world has given young people the tools and services that offer a power to drive one's own learning!
Using 1-1 tablets enables whole class participation
Immediate feedback
The retention and collection of materials
Ability for students and teachers to share, edit and collaborate on files.
The amazing possibilities using free open ended applications to promote higher order thinking amongst students.
Teachers can plan and meet individual student's needs
Improved learning outcomes in case studies in WA
Great equalizer
Collaborating and networking with others-locally and globally.
Students prefer visual literacy-pictures, sound & video to explore & create.
They want learning to be connected to real life.
Improves communication for all stakeholders
Engaging, exciting, educational and easy
The camera is the new pen. Laptops can not be used as cameras and so will find their usefulness in general education decreases over the next decade.
How many iPads are used in schools worldwide?

Many schools use Acceptable Use Policies to ensure correct treatment and use of tablets. There are lots of examples online.

Students have greater access to material and ideas than ever before.
School iPad Policies

Improves Learning Outcomes

Rules, Policies and Procedures
Have a theoretical
understanding of technology in education
Introducing devices into your school/classroom...
-school policy/rules
-teach students to take screen shots
-copy and paste weblinks
-close apps
-move between apps
-guided access
-parts of an iPad
-basic care of the iPad
-Locking display
-Putting away
-using dictionary

Before you use an app ask yourself?

1. Does the app allow for creativity, including augmentation?
2. Does the app allow for collaboration?
3. Does the app allow for sharing potential to build authentic and global audiences including options to email and/or post to the web?
4. Although not essential, a bonus in the Kimberley region, does the app allow for in built audio capabilities to build vocabulary and oral language?

Let's Recap! What have we covered today?

Where to next?
-Creating a Paperless Classroom
-Ideal Workflow
- Google Docs/Drive

Edmodo Group-gvs762

Please complete the feedback on our Agenda
When you introduce a new app

Introduce your learning intention.
Introduce app
Discuss the function and features of the app
Decide on a focus-content or skills
Give students time to familiarise themselves with the app
Create an example
Set criteria

Consider the key stakeholders
Who are they?
What are their needs?
Management and workflow
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