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Popplet III

How to make a difference in children lives with the healthy food

Edna Barreto

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Popplet III

Childhood Obesity!! What can we do to fight it??? There are some important things we can do to avoid childhood obesity, explaining children what "healthy food" is, and why it is important to have it on a regular basis. Some simple things you can do:
Do not restrict food. This increases the risk your child may develop eating disorders.
Keep healthy food at hand. Children will eat what's readily available.
Praise healthy choices.
Don't use food as a reward. This could create weight problems.
Sit down to family dinners at night. This helps children to have a better nutrition.
Prepare plates in the kitchen.
Give your children some control. This will help them decide what they really like and try new healthy things. Something that we think can really help:

Make food a fun thing to do, for example cooking!

That can be a great adventure and can encourage them to keep a healthy diet.

Like these three little sisters,

Don't you agree?? We hope you animate your children to have a healthy diet. This will give them an excellent quality of live and will always keep them ready to do anything they want.
Healthy food = Healthy Kids
Healthy Kids = Healthy Lives
Healthy Lives = GREAT LIVE! THANK YOU Edna Barreto
Kim Micciche
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