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The Person I Admire

No description

ghezal ahmadzay

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of The Person I Admire

At the first I would like to give you some information .who is Shukria Barakzai ? Shukria Barakzai is an afghan politician ,journalist and a prominent muslim feminist.she was born in 1970 in Kabul Afghanistan in a pashton family,one of the country main ethnic groups.she speaks both languages pashto and dari as well english .
Befor I start my presentation I would like to ask you a question . Do you have some one in your life whom you admire ? I am sure every one has , probably for most of us is our parents . but there is always some one from outsite too . who inspire us throught her/his bravery ,honesty , genrasity . and here is name of the person who I admire .
Shokria Barakzai

she went to Kabul university in 1990 halfway through a degree, she had to break off her studies because of mounting violence between the government and mujahideen.and then taliban captured kabul. by then,she moved to peshawer
After fall of taliban regime in 2002 she worked on a project called Aina EZan (women's mirror)she campaigns on issues such as
Barakzai states, chaild marriages, forced marriages and violence against women wich is still common in same part of Afghanistan .
The Person to Admire
Maternal and infant mortality, areas in wich afghanistan has great difficulties.
The world health organization calculated that Afghanistan in 2003 had the world highest proportion of women dying in childbirth.
she focused on large issues,by saying, the burka is not that important as education, democracy and freedom. she also fought for women 's rights and equality .
In a nut shell as a afghan women I can say , she is my inspretion for all those honesty ,bravery ,and strenght that she did or showes. and I would love to fallow her steps .
In addition sometimes by doing good things you can find enemy ,here is the example what happen to her in 2014 she was a victim suicide attacked but luckily she survive.
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