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Narrow band theory

No description

Russell Cowton

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Narrow band theory

Russell Cowton
Highly competitive, strong desire to succeed, works fast, likes control, suffers stress

Narrow band theories leave your personality open. Good study of human performance under stress. Trait theories proper aim to be comprehensive accounts of personality and this explains all variations of behavior.
(Sport psychology: A student handbook) Hold CYQ level 2 fitness instructing

National Diploma in sport performance,
coaching and fitness.
19 modules

CSLA (community sports leaders award)

F.A level 1 football coaching badge

Non-competitive, un-ambitious, works at slower pace, does not enjoy control, relaxes easily
Narrow band theory is a simple theory of personality categorizing everyone into either type A, type B, or type AB. Gross and Kekelaar (1998) Started using film clips in different varying neurotic nature. They found out that there was a link with personality traits and levels of neurotic behaviour. This links into the narrow band theory which states different personality types. This shows neurotic behaviour would be categorized more to the type A personality and a more stable person would link more to the type B personality, a person that would be in the middle of the neurotic/stable scale would be put in to the type AB personality.
(journal of research on adolescence) Born 22.12.1991
Studying Teesside University.
Live in York.
Currently work at Sports Direct.
Volunteering Haxby Road Primary school helping take P.E lessons.
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