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Caribbean Islands!

No description

Kenna Swapp

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Caribbean Islands!

Caribbean Islands Kenna Swapp
March 6, 2013
4th Humans, plant, and animal. Caribbean Islands.. What the look like. My opinion.. Conclusion.. Bugs! Animals in the Caribbean. Human effects on the Islands. What we use the Islands for. Where they're at Climate of the Islands. How many islands are there. Intro to the Caribbean
Islands The Caribbean Islands are located in the Caribbean sea, and part of the Atlantic Ocean. They are Southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and North America. There latitude and longitude rand from 27.33 degrees north to 10.5 degrees north, and 84.96 degrees west to 59.42 degrees west. There are 28 nations islands and 7,000 individual
islands. The Major islands are Cuba, Hati, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Rebublic The Caribbean Islands climate is mostly tropical.
The temperatures range anywhere from 24 degrees
C to 32degrees C. Most of the islands get the
prevailing northeast winds. They also have a rainy
season where they receive quite a bit of rain. We use the Caribbean Islands mainly as a vacation spot.
The Islands are beautiful and relaxing. We also get nickle, iron, petroleum, and timber from the islands. The islands have reef sharks, humpback whales, birds,
bats, sting rays, manatee, tree frogs, and other animals. Animals in the Caribbean have to be able to climb trees, Birds have to have strong beaks and wide wing spans,
and a lot of the animals are camouflaged. Humans effect the culture, policies, economies, and environments. Cruise ships are one of the main effects to the islands. They brings tons of people and they leave a lot of waste, and with the bad economy they islands are getting less and less tourists. The one big issue with the islands is that there is are tons of mosquitoes, but they also have a lot of different spiders, centipedes, scorpions, killer bees,dragon flies, termites, ants, beetles.. etc. They're very green, lush with lots of trees and grass.
They have very clear blue water and white sand beaches. I think that the Caribbean islands would be a fun place to go and visit. I think that it would be a nice place all year round, and I want to go see all the Islands. The Caribbean Islands are unique places to go too. They have a lot of fun animals, bugs, and places to see. It's one of the many tropical rain forest to go and visit.
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