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Argument Model

No description

Jesse McGrath

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of Argument Model

Argument Model
Facts, figures, details, quotations, or other sources of data and information that provide support for claims; should appear in a form and be derived from a source widely accepted as appropriate to a particular discipline.
A careful examination and evaluation of the evidence used by the writer, and how it supports the claim, legitimizing the claim by showing the evidence to be relevant.
You should join the basketball team
An arguable evidence-based statement used to change the reader's point of view, to bring about some action on the reader's part or to ask the reader to accept the writer's explanation or evaluation of a concept, issue or problem
A recent study by the Journal of Medicine has found that high school students who participate in sports are generally happier and more productive than those who don't.
: This shows that aside from being fun, being on the basketball team can improve general quality of life.
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