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STAAR Test Journey to Success

Review strategies

Mireya Castro

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of STAAR Test Journey to Success

How to success on the test. The STAAR Test Journey to Success. Pay attention in class
and complete your work. Success!

You will pass
your tests!

You will go on to
sixth grade! Not sure? Re-read your journal's notes.

Use the Reading Comprehension Strategies. Read the title and all the directions before you read the story and questions Reading Comprehension Strategies Underline key words (not, except, but, paragraph number) Read each question carefully! Put your head down for a few minutes, then start reviewing your test. After you finished answering all the questions, take a short and silent break. After reading the title, think about the topic and remember all the information you know about it. Read carefully all the text features in your story. They can give you some information you might need to answer the questions. Make short notes on your test: main ideas, key words, summary. Define the type of text you are reading: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama. Recall all the types of genres: realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, traditional literature, humorous fiction, fantasy, biography, informational, types of poetry, etc. When reading informational text, remember types of text structures: cause-effect, problem-solution, description, compare-contrast, sequence. GO BACK AND RE-READ TO FIND THE INFORMATION NEEDED TO ANSWER THE QUESTION. DO NOT RELY ON YOUR MEMORY! Find the paragraph where the answer is. Write the question number. Read the question and the answer together. Does it make sense? If you are not sure about your answer, make a list on the cover page of all the questions you need to review, but DO bubble the answer in your answer sheet. DO NOT leave it blank. Read the question and the answer you chose. Find the paragraph where you found the answer. Read it again. Does it make sense? Re-read the other answer choices. Is it the correct answer? Check your answer document. At the end, make sure that you have bubbled only one answer for each question. Use your answer sheet to help you out. Make predictions, visualize the story, make connections, make inferences, draw conclusions, use logical thinking (make sense?).
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