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Beowulf Song Project By: Chandler Anderson

No description

Chandler Anderson

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Beowulf Song Project By: Chandler Anderson

Beowulf Song Project By: Chandler Anderson
Song 1
In the beginning of Beowulf, King Hrothgar is in dire need of someone to help him defeat Grendel, a monster who was wiping out all of his men. Grendel snuck into Heorot, which was What Hrothgar needed was no ordinary man, but a true hero to save him and his people.
Song 2
Song 3
After Beowulf defeats Grendel everyone celebrates his defeat, and Hrothgar gives Beowulf and his men are all given many rewards and treasures. They are fully confident that everything is now restored and back to normal
Song 4
Not too long after Grendel is gone, we are introduced to his mother, who is out for revenge. Everyone is celebrating for now, but she is about to change everything. Beowulf now not only had to defeat Grendel, but now also his mother.
Song 5
After Beowulf defeats Grendel's mother, he is known as an bigger hero, and seems to be almost unhuman-like. He is once again bathed in treasures. However Hrothgar tells him of other bold warriors who got hot-headed and ended up being shot. (Heremond)
Beowulf is a very mighty warrior who takes the challenge and promises to kill Grendel and stop him from harming anymore people. Him and his people stay in Heorot and wait for Grendel. When he finally appears, Grendel and Beowulf fight until Beowulf rips off Grendel's arm, forcing him to flee
Song 6
After everything, Beowulf and his men finally decide to leave and return home. They are given best wishes from Hrothgar and his people.
Song 7
In later years, Beowulf eventually becomes King, and hears of a dragon who had vast treasure in which somehow stole. For this, him and his people were going to be punished.. His house was burned down and everything would eventually be destroyed. Unless he defeated it.
Song 8
So Beowulf does exactly that. He decides to fight the dragon, knowing that he may very well die. He brings some men with him, but all but one flee. This song was chosen because it resembles battle music music, and I imagined this being played during the fight.
Song 9
Beowulf inevitably dies in battle, but Wiglaf, the man who stayed, helped Beowulf kill the dragon. Wiglaf tells everyone about Beowulfs death, and all of his men are devastated to hear the news. Wiglaf remembers all that Beowulf had done for everyone as king, and it saddens him and everyone else.
Song 10
Even though Beowulf died, his name will forever be remembered. They made a funeral pyre for him and covered it with armor and treasures. Everyone gathered around to celebrate his life and tell of his mighty battles and victories
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