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Ivy Ng

on 13 May 2014

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The government will continue to block western social media.
Each social media in China will continue to developed, which increases their functions and become more integrated.
Change the way they access information online because it's more trusted.
Social media marketing

Twitter vs Sina Weibo
Facebook vs RenRen
WhatsApp vs WeChat
YouTube vs Youku
Skype vs QQ
Word limit on posts (140 characters).
Follow your friends.
Find interesting posts by others.
Both can post photos.
Can tag other users.

Sina Weibo allows users to post videos.
Written text is an advantage for Chinese, allows more to be written compared to English.
Have reminders for birthdays or events
Recommended friends
Have a notes page

Facebook is focused on social circle.
Renren focuses only the friends you want to see (special friends).
Renren has a visit count (also can see who they are).
Renren has a value added service, where there is virtual currency to buy decorative decorations and designs for your profile.
Send text, photos and videos
Audio clips

WhatsApp is free for the first year, after pay US$0.99.
WhatsApp has no other social feature.
WeChat has video call and live chat (Walkie Talkie).
WeChat supports web chat.
WeChat has a moments feed.
WeChat has different ways in finding friends (drift bottle, shake, qr code and people nearby).
Content is free and income is from TV advertisements.

Youku has longer clips (TV programs and movie clips).
YouTube has short video clips.
Youku is more for entertainment use.
YouTube is user generated content.
Video calling
Online and text messaging
File transfer
Group video call

QQ includes more free service provided by Tencent (QQ games, QQ zone, QQ mail, mobile QQ and Weibo).
QQ has e-commerce.
The great firewall works because they have a non-confrontational way of blocking websites because it doesn't say you are blocked, just results in a error on your web browser.

Encourages self-censorship of two types:
Self-censorship by content providers = make judgements in what needs to be censored in order to stand by the governments law.
Self-censorship by users = face the threat of being detained and punished for anti-government posts.
Common Social Media in China
WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication
service by Tencent in China
QQ is an instant messaging service developed by Tencent. QQ offers a variety of services including video call.
Weibo is a Chinese version of Twitter. Launched by Sina
and translated means "microblogging".
RenRen is the Facebook of China and translated means "everyone". It operates by real-name social network. Users connect & communicate with each other while sharing information.
Youku, is a Chinese video hosting service based in the People's Republic of China
Chinese Social Media Landscape
China Social Media Usage
Social Media Equivalents
Features of China Micro-blogging
A Platform for Opinion
Opposition to Authority
Organization of Campaigns
Development of Opinion Leaders
Participation of Government and Mass Media
Verbal violence and the Rise of Internet Mobs Human flesh hunting.
Rumor and Manipulation water army & zombies.
Future Development
"People are born to socialize, so social networks via the Internet will make the world more open and connected"
- Mark Zuckerberg
Why It Works ?
Guo meimei
Red Cross society of China
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