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Transfor School Meet the Principal Night

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on 21 July 2013

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Transcript of Transfor School Meet the Principal Night

Common Core Learning Standards
Principal's Introduction

Introduction of Staff

Mission / Vision

City-wide Instruction Expectations (CIE)

School-wide Goals
Fewer topics; more generalizing and linking of concepts
Well-aligned with the way high-achieving countries teach math
Emphasis on both conceptual understanding and procedural fluency starting in the early grades
More time to teach and reinforce core concepts from K-12
Some concepts will now be taught later
Focus on mastery of complex concepts in higher math (e.g., algebra and geometry) via hands-on learning

Transform Academy

School-wide Goals
Curriculum Initiatives
School Vision
Close the gap between students passing CORE courses those receiving level 3 or 4 on State Assessments
From Students
Learners Have H.E.A.R.T.
From Parents
Send your child to school every day, on time
Join us for celebrations, information sessions, and meetings
Read school letters and notes from teachers
Return school forms and requests before due date
Inform teachers if your child does not understand what to do in class or experiences difficulties with other children
Butterflies & Transformation
For more information about the Common Core Learning Standards, visit nyc.gov and search for “Common Core Parent Resources.”
To access your child’s grades on Engrade, visit engrade.com and click “Log In.”
If need a username and password please contact our parent coordinator, Ms. Tina Aguido .

Additional Resources and Information
2013–14 Citywide Instructional Expectations
"Empowered Through Progress"
Welcome Parents.
Breakout Sessions
Introducing the Curriculum

Here at Transform school, our vision is for students to be in a safe, caring, and educational environment that focuses on high expectations, critical reasoning and logical problem solving. We strive to meet the needs of all students by continually collecting, analyzing and acting on student performance data. Our goal is to improve teaching and learning by challenging our students and inspiring them to reach their full potential and be on the path to being college and career ready. With the school, home and community working together, our students will achieve academic excellence and become productive citizens of the 21st century.
From Transform Academy
Regular communication about your child
Fair assessment for every student
Timely notification of any difficulties
Faculty and staff will model correct behavior
Pre K-5 will use the “Envision Common Core” curriculum to align the classrooms within each grade and across the school.
“Connected Math” will be used in Grade 6.

Students in grades PreK-5 will use “Reading Street”.
Grade 6 will use “Expeditionary Learning”.

Social Studies :
NYC Common Core Library
Primary sources
Trade books
Components of “Expeditionary Learning”
Science :
Trade books
Cross curricular learning
Higher standards for all students with rigorous instruction
Meeting the needs of all students.
Using various assessments to monitor student growth and teacher practice
Math Differences
Standards increase in complexity from K-12,
Literacy-building as a shared responsibility for all content area teachers
Emphasis on teaching reading of informational text
Emphasis on steadily increasing students' ability to understand more and more complex text over time
Integration of research skills
ELA Differences
By using the Common Core Standards to align our instruction, our work will be academically rigorous and challenging. We will be using assessments to drive instruction and then analyzing the data from those assessments to meet the needs of each and every student. Students will work collaboratively to improve their ability to discuss texts, strategies and new learning.
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